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Pampering the Women of MOPS

April 22nd, 2013

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Guest post by Maritza Lara, TUBC student at our Glendale Heights Campus.

mops = Mothers of Pre-Schoolers

Tricoci University students from the Glendale Heights campus had another opportunity to give back. TUBC students were able to go to New Life Church in New Lenox on Friday March 22, 2013. They had the chance to work with this club known as MOPS, which stands for Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers. This group consists of about 48 mothers with young children. From infants to teens, this group gives mothers the opportunity to get together and relax. Some of the moms that we got to know were very friendly. They shared pictures with us and told us all about their kids. There was one woman that had five children, three boys and two twin girls. They ranged from two to seven years of age. I cannot imagine what it would be like with all those young children. All of the mothers put in a lot of hard work for their kids. I thought it was so wonderful for them to get a little break. They deserve a little pampering once in a while.

At New Life Church, Tricoci University students were doing mini manicures. They clipped nails, filed, gave hand massages and did polish changes. A few of the mothers that stopped by our table started to tell us that they were very relaxed. I found this event very unique. New Life Church staff offered daycare for the moms that had infants and they also took care of the older kids in another area of the church. The moms were really happy that they had two hours of peace. They were also able to enjoy back massages, eyebrow waxing, haircuts and styles also food and drinks. They were being spoiled for a few hours. Some of the moms took advantage of everything that was being offered. Others just went to relax and enjoy each other’s company. I feel like most of the moms knew each other because they would talk about their children, school and mutual friends.

For all the mothers that work hard to raise their families of three of more, you all deserve gold medals and I know you are very well respected. These mothers learned how to multitask and stay efficient. Most of them have a schedule they live by. They are very lucky to have a group like MOPS to fall back on. This group gives them the opportunity to stay united as mothers and as friends. I hope that Tricoci University students get to participate again next year and give back to all the hard working mothers.

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