Jillian Bono from Redken

Redken’s Jillian Bono Visits Tricoci

June 11th, 2013

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Guest post by Valeria Alanis, TUBC student at our Bridgeview Campus

Jillian Bono, from Redken, visited the Bridgeview campus with one goal in mind, to teach us the importance of why we retail. We do it, obviously, to make money, but we want our clients to keep coming back to us because we prescribed the right product to them and we showed them how to use it at home.

When we show our clients how simple it is they are amazed and they feel how much you care for them, they are our walking billboard so we want to prescribe the right product to them. She also had us identify ourselves with a certain bird, either the eagle, owl, hawk or dove. She had posters up of each bird, and everyone had to go and stand by the one we identified ourselves with and write down how that certain bird is, for example a hawk is fierce, fast etc.

Ms. Jillian also recommended for us to download the REDKEN App, or use the website. She said it is very useful, if you are having trouble with creating a certain foil, or with your foil placements, there are good videos to help you with that. In the app you can also formulate, or there is an icon called, breakroom, where you can connect with other professionals to share and learn.

There are many websites and color lines, and many connections, we just have to make sure to take the initiative and find them. Ask any questions we have about a product we feel like we do not have much knowledge about it, we do not want to stay quiet. Investigate the product so you can retail the correct one to your client, to keep them coming back, once again, that client is your walking billboard and you want to make them feel good!

Imagery from silhouettedskyline.com.

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