Mario Tricoci cutting students hair

Mario Tricoci Visits Bridgeview

June 11th, 2013

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Guest post by Valerie Johnson, TUBC student at our Bridgeview Campus.

Recently, Mario Tricoci stopped by the Tricoci University Bridgeview campus, which happens to be the 2013 campus of the year. As always, Mr. Tricoci was as engaging as ever, sharing warm stories of his life as a “hairstylist.” He explained his thoughts on the world of esthetics, a serene environment where the esthetician and the guest meet in a clean, calming, relaxing space.

Mr. Tricoci thinks that hairstylists are a “wild bunch” that are always on the cutting edge of fashion and the latest trends. He offered advice on how to introduce color to a guest with simple suggestions, even giving practical examples on how to increase your service sales per guest. Mr. Tricoci then asked Julia if he could have the pleasure of cutting her hair.

Julia, a fellow student in the Aug 2012 class, was nervous but excited with the offer. When Mr. Mario suggested that he add color to Julia’s hair she was very hesitant, but really, whomever says no to Mario?!

I, also from the Aug 2012 class, was selected to assist Mr. Mario with help from Ms. Jamie on the color application and foil placement. The final results were a fresh, fun, mix of warm color and a very hot cut. Julia was more than pleased.

Mr. Tricoci also shared with the students a story of perseverance, he told them about “John” a stylist that struggled for a very long time to master the Tricoci cutting techniques and after many obstacles John finally got his own chair at the salon. No one really thought that John had much of a future, but he was a hard worker and had a great personality. John went on to become hairstylist of the year two years in a row. If he had given up or quit, he would have never risen to be one of the most requested stylists in the Mario Tricoci organization.

After posing for numerous photos, Mr. Mario departed with the promise of a return visit soon.  As always he left the student body with inspiration and the promise that with whatever we put into our future is what we will get out of it.

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