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May 11th, 2012

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By Laura Pierce, Tricoci University at Chicago NE/Chicago NW

During the month of March, TUBC Student Council hosted an all-campus competition where each campus partnered with another to work together and collect supplies to raise funds for their specific Ronald McDonald House. Volunteers and donations support families with children at the nearby hospital who need long-term or specialized care. Families are given a private room, access to free laundry and meals throughout the day. The Ronald McDonald House is sustained by donations which come from many institutions and schools like Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. In total, we collected 7,167 items for all four Ronald McDonald Houses, and a contribution of $1460 dollars for all four houses!

The Chicago NE and Chicago NW campuses performed multiple activities to help with the Ronald McDonald House Charity. One of the first activities at the CNW campus included Valentine’s Grams. Secretly, students and staff sent valentines to one another to express their “love” for one another.  Students really enjoyed receiving these from their peers! Students were able to send one another a V-Gram for $1, which raised more than $100 towards our help with Ronald McDonald House charity.

Another way we raised money was through bake sales. We averaged one bake sale a week where we offered many options of baked goods from cupcakes to chocolate-covered strawberries. Offering coffee and hot chocolate during bake sales was also a huge hit for our students and guests! We were able to raise approximately $150 with our bake sales.

Throughout the entire month of March, students and staff were able to wear jeans by donating $5 per day. We also had the opportunity to wear jeans all week for a $10 donation. This was a great way for student council to raise money without having to invest money themselves. Students took advantage of wearing jeans for the week, knowing their money was being donated for a great cause.

Items were also collected for Ronald McDonald House. Students and staff reached out to their friends, families and employers to help donate, which concluded with the Harlem campus having more than 800 items for donation!

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