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Spring Into Beauty

June 27th, 2013

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Guest post by Erinn Wilcox, TUBC Student at our Rockford Campus.

In May 2013, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture hosted a creative demo event for perspective students. The creative demo event was called “Spring Into Beauty”. Current students had the opportunity to create hair styles and make-up applications that are popular in the spring time. Cosmetologists were busily figuring out how to make the hair look perfect, while estheticians were making the eye makeup pop and apply false eyelashes.

The beauty models looked wonderful and were ready to show off their peer’s skills. The perspective students had an opportunity to meet with Ms Kristin about different questions they may have had about TUBC. The students then enjoyed some snacks made by the teachers of our campus. We enjoyed some pizzas made by Ms. Angela and some lemon bars made by Ms. Michele.

The current students of Tricoci University Beauty Culture were involved with this demo event by being a model, stylist, or decorator. There were stations set up for the perspective students to go through and see what different techniques we offer at our campus. Ms. Amber performed a creative color pattern and then the perspective students tried foiling for the first time. Ms. April showed them chalking. A current student, Michelle P., had a station set up where she was braiding, she also had pictures set up from her braiding trip to Atlanta. Ms. Jill showed the students a chemical peel in the esthetics area. Beforehand, Ms. Jill also set up a student’s arm with a scar created with Kryolan makeup. It looked very real and the perspectives were amazed to see the art! Scott dried the mannequin from the creative color that Ms. Amber performed and the students took part in, and performed a creative air form to show the students the color results.

The beauty models were prepared from 3-6PM, then got to file through the theory room and show off the other’s skills. They were dressed in summer dresses or shorts with cute summer tops. The perspective student’s heard from each stylist what they did to the hair and the estheticians explained the make-up application that they performed. After they heard and viewed each model they voted for what they thought was the best hair and make-up style. The winner was Mariah. She won leap points and “queen for a day”. Congrats Mariah!

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