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Updos by Alumni, Lindsey Prerost

June 25th, 2013

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Guest post by Shelby Underwood, TUBC student at our Glendale Heights Campus.

Today our school was delighted to welcome a fellow Tricoci University graduate Lindsey Prerost to our Glendale Heights Campus to demonstrate and discuss creative ways to style updos on any length of hair. A few of our classmates with different lengths were chosen to model. Lindsey dug right in with product knowledge as she was applying her new Redken 28 to the long curls she had formed working on student Mauricka from Ms. Kelly’s’ full-time class.

After every strand she curled she sprayed each curl to hold as she moved on to the next explaining to us that this new Redken 28 hairspray will work and hold on any type of hair. Next she built volume at the top of the base of her head by teasing in small sections and gently combing over that teased section to create a smooth, voluminous effect. She then explained to us that even though times and designs may change, some styles such as the braid will always stay popular and it can be incorporated into a formal up do or even just an everyday hairstyle.

Lindsey then braided from the right side, top of the ear, to the bottom nape area rubber banding that to hold the braid. She kept some hair out on the sides for pinning later. Next she started pinning the curls she created by taking the whole curl and forming a circle of that curl to the head and pinned each one to the base of the head under the teased area and on the top of the braided area as well as pinning the braid into the curls hiding the end of it. The remaining pieces that were left out of the braid and pinned curls were then used to hide parts by overlapping areas and gently hidden were the eye wouldn’t see them tucking them away putting this look together effortlessly looking.

We learned that it wasn’t necessary to use too many pins with this process if you take enough hair in sections and secure them well enough. Our guest speaker Lindsey then showed us a creative hairstyle for short hair styles using model Abby Romano. Demonstrating more product knowledge with Redken Guts 10, she explained to us that it is very helpful in creating and holding volume on fine or flat hair for a fullness or bold style. With Abby’s hair she started teasing in three to four sections at the top spraying the Guts 10 in at the base of every tease. Combing over that tease by smoothing it out and spraying that top section with Redken 28 to hold the shape. She moved to the sides smoothing those back and locking pins to each side allowing for the shape at the top to make the style look uniform.

It was a pleasure to meet Lindsey Prerost and have her demonstrate her creative updo styling techniques which we all plan to practice soon with our upcoming demo night. It helps us to see what different ways and techniques other people use than ourselves when creating new updos or forming old ones. Reminding us to keep our minds open to learning and staying proactive with practicing these techniques allowing us to grow and develop our own styles as we do so.

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