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The Most Important Lessons You’ll Learn At Salon School

March 25th, 2020

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When you’re thinking about attending college, you’re also weighing the benefits of putting time, money and effort into the schooling process. There are many things you’ll need to weigh during this process, and some of them can be challenging to directly assign importance. However, one thing you need to think about is the lessons you’ll learn at school as opposed to what you’d be able to learn on your own. Salon school is no different. Here are some important things you’ll learn at salon school that you won’t get anywhere else.

Professional Tips and Tricks

One of the most obvious things you’ll learn is simple. While going to salon school, you’ll learn the professional tips and tricks that you just won’t get anywhere else. Do you ever look at model styles and wonder how they got there? Although a lot of it is certainly the skill of the salon stylist, part of it is that the stylist simply knows tips and tricks you don’t. When you attend salon school, you’ll get to learn those tricks through your classes.

How to Run a Salon

Running a salon isn’t quite like running any other business. It’s different because you’re dealing directly with individuals. Whether you’re interested in becoming a salon owner, you’re planning to work in a salon, or you’re interested in renting salon space to do your own thing, you need to know how you’re going to run your business. Salon school will help you understand the differences between salon work and other types of work.

How to Work With a Team

One of the things you should learn early on is that you’re only as good as your team. This is a lesson you’ll take into the rest of the career world with you. There’s pretty much no job in the cosmetology field that relies solely on your personal choices. You’re going to have to work with other people throughout your cosmetology career, whether you’re part of a salon team, makeup team, modeling team or anything else. Salon school will instill a sense of teamwork into you.

Dedication to a Craft

Going through a trade school inherently makes you more dedicated to that trade. After all, if you’re going to spend many months studying it, you’re going to learn more about what you love about it. Most people don’t go to salon school because they don’t have any other options. You should go to salon school because you love the cosmetology world and want to have a career in it. Salon school will do a lot to help you really create that dedication.

Connections for Your Career

An important part of salon school is the connections you make inside it. In salon school, you’ll start to develop connections inside the world of fashion that you can use when you get out. You’ll also gain access to many student-only events and extracurricular activities you can use to boost your resume and gain recognition in the cosmetology world. These are career-boosting opportunities you won’t find anywhere else, and they’re an important part of salon school.


There are many things you’re going to have to pay attention to when you consider whether you’re going to go to college. It’s important to consider what college may mean for you, and what valuable lessons it can teach you instead of self-education. When it comes to salon school, there are many reasons to consider committing to school over just trying to learn these essential tools yourself. Get in touch with Tricoci University of Beauty Culture today and learn how you can start learning these skills for yourself.

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