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The Most Important Reasons You Need to Go to Cosmetology School

March 16th, 2020

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If you’re interested in going into the beauty industry, you’ve almost certainly considered cosmetology school at some point. It’s a common option for many aspiring cosmetologists, hair stylist, makeup artists, and other beauty professionals. That means you’ve probably asked yourself the all-important question: “Should I go to cosmetology school?” There are a number of ways that cosmetology school can benefit your career.

Important Career-Specific Information

You can learn some parts of the trade on your own. It’s true that you can learn a lot about hairstyling, color theory and nail art through your own research. However, you can’t learn everything you need to know by yourself if you want to succeed in the beauty industry.

Cosmetology school can give you the information you need to know that you’re not going to learn through self-guided research. That can include professional tips and tricks for your clients, but it can also include hands-on experience, behind-the-scenes cleanliness and more.

Licensing Requirements

You’re typically going to need a formal education to pursue cosmetology licensing. The length of training you need may vary from license to license, but a school that offers those programs should be able to tell you which licensing opportunities it provides education for.

Licensing requirements typically specify a certain amount of training hours you’ll need to take the licensing exam. Check with the cosmetology school you’re interested in to see when you’ll be able to take the licensing exam for your specific desires. The school can also give you information like the percentage of students who pass the exam, exam costs to be prepared for, and anything else you may need to know.

State Practicing Regulations

Different states regulate cosmetology practices very differently. Some states don’t regulate it at all, while other states regulate certain practices and not others, and still other states regulate all practices under different umbrellas. Regardless of how your specific state regulates cosmetology practices, it’s important that you meet, and even exceed, the regulatory requirements.

If a state does regulate cosmetology careers, it’ll likely regulate them based on whether or not you’ve passed a licensing exam. Cosmetology schools with good standing will ensure that you graduate with the information you need to practice in that state. Make sure you talk to the school you’re interested in for more information about state regulations in your area.

Social Recognition

Your education is one of the first things potential employers look at when deciding whether to hire you, especially if you don’t have any other job experience. Having a well-known and well-respected college on your resume will open the door to better jobs because employers will feel more confident in trusting you.

Plus, while you’re still in cosmetology school, you may be able to take advantage of internships, events and continuing education opportunities that can help get your name out in the public. Many of these opportunities won’t exist for the general public and will only be available for cosmetology students. This gives you the opportunity to start now, so you have options later.

A Path to Lifelong Career Options

When you go to a well-known cosmetology school for your education, that education will follow you throughout your career in the beauty industry. It gives you a higher chance of starting a great career with a well-known salon. Plus, it makes it possible for you to become a teacher in the future.

Teaching can be a great option for someone who’s already worked in the beauty industry and wants to give back even more. After all, the best cosmetology schools need teachers, right? With instructor training courses, you can become a teacher or instructor to help train the next generation of cosmetologists. You just need to make sure your existing cosmetology knowledge is solid.


The best way to create a rock-solid start in cosmetology is to go with a well-known cosmetology school like Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. If you get your education from a cosmetology school with good standing in the world of cosmetology, it’s much easier to pursue your goals in the beauty industry. Contact Tricoci University if you’re looking to learn more about how cosmetology school can enhance your current cosmetology knowledge and give you even more to grow with.

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