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The Summer Fashion Show

July 31st, 2012

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By Joanna Izydorczyk, TUBC CNW

A curl here; a flower there. I wasn’t expecting much when I decided to participate in the Fashion Show Demo last Wednesday. Astonishing isn’t even the word to describe how amazing the event turned out to be. Every single model looked like she stepped out of a magazine. I knew it was going to be hard for everyone to judge which was the best, and from what I heard, it really was. I always knew that my classmates were talented, but I never realized exactly how talented they were.

Ms. Nic, Ms. Katie, Ms. Karen, Ms. Amy and all the instructors that helped with the event deserve a huge thank you and a round of applause. They provided music and flowers, secured an audience, took pictures, and dealt with the craziness that ensued that day. Without them, the show would definitely not have been as astounding as it was.

I surprised myself, as well. My partner, Jazmine, our model, Jillian, and I all really improvised. I brought in some clothes that I thought might work for her, but they didn’t fit at all. So Jillian and I had to make an impromptu trip to her house in the middle of the day to grab clothes. Jazmine had no idea what she wanted to do with Jillian’s hair but it turned out looking sensational. I knew how I wanted to do her makeup, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out becuase I was used to working on myself. In the end, I have to say that was the best makeup application I have ever done in my life!

Rana and Brenda won for the second time, with the same model, Eliza. She looked radiant. Gorgeous brown and golden hues covered her from head to toe with her makeup, off the shoulder dress, gorgeous curls, and a fabulously stylish hat to top it all off.

Summer really did come to life with all of the colors that surrounded the models. Pinks, blues, pastels, neon’s…you name it, we had it! Styles ranged from cool and sophisticated to fun and wild. At the end of the day, our feet were aching, our eyes were drooping and our stomachs were rumbling but it was all worth it. Everyone should be very proud of themselves. I know I am.

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