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Trends to Toss: From the Expert’s Chair

June 14th, 2011

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By Jennifer McGann, Director of Cosmetology

Not sorry to say farewell to these trends!  

From flared pants to cat-eyed eyeliner, style trends often follow the saying that “fashion repeats itself.” Some of these trends are acceptable and welcomed back with open arms (who doesn’t love bold red nails and classic ponytail?); others should just be locked up in the style vault…for forever!

Every day, I see Tricoci students learning trendy takes on classic looks. But, as a seasoned professional, I hope to NEVER see some styles creep their way back into the classroom. For example:


To me, scrunchies are sort of like “layered socks.” Why is it necessary to put a cloth band in our hair?  To match our clothes? To pop some color?  Ugh! I’m much more excited about hair ornamentation repeating itself from the 1960s with “flower power.”  We’ve switched up the flower and made them pins now, but this is a good comeback…never a scrunchie!

Banana Clips

WHO puts a banana-shaped clip in their hair!?  Seriously, who (and WHY)??  It may have been an easy way to throw your hair up and out of your face in the 1980s, but so is a ponytail. Seriously, never again!

Sure, it’s easy to look back on trends and critique. Now, time for my own “never again!” moment:


WHAT was I thinking backcombing my fringe to sky-high volume, circa 1987?!?!  Looking back at pictures, I cannot believe my mother let me walk out of the house like that. I can’t believe everyone wore their hair like that.  It’s one thing for Motley Crue or Poison to rock it, but everyday women?!  C’mon, we were all so clueless. It’s not nearly as acceptable as looking at 70s center-part styles and flat-ironed hair (which we see a variation of today); plain and simple: there is NO way to wear a variation of 80s fringe! But wait. It doesn’t end there…. Adding to the fringe, we’d wear blue eye shadow and black eyeliner. What a look…and what were we thinking??

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