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June 13th, 2011

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By Tara Davis, Glendale Heights General Manager

On Friday, June 10, 2011, Tricoci University’s Glendale Heights Cosmetology class celebrated its graduation ceremony.

It was standing room only for family and friends. Every Tricoci ceremony is unique and a celebration of each students’ accomplishments. The August class was filled with students who continually pushed themselves to learn all they could to achieve their goals. It is for this reason that I used the theme of “Always Remain a Student” when addressing graduates, guests and staff.

Keep on learning,

Though your graduation’s done;

Your whole life’s an education

That has only just begun.

 Your diploma is the first big step,

For knowledge is the special key

To winning what you want in life

And being who you want to be.

 If you’ll always be a student,

You’ll find the secrets to success

And travel on the golden road

To good fortune, peace, and happiness.

Ms. Lisa Nurczyk, an instructor for the August class, also delivered a speech to students and guests. She spoke of how far they’d come since class began and the excellence they achieved. She reminded them to always take pride in themselves and their talents.

Student Laura Prerost addressed each one of her classmates separately. She spoke to their individual attributes and how each had affected her life.

Following the individual addresses, each student received a diploma, which is a great opportunity for families to capture that “special moment” picture too!

After the presentation of diplomas, all guests are invited to stay and have refreshments and watch a special slide show of the graduating class.  This is always a special moment for the students as it brings back so many fond memories of their time together here at Tricoci University. And we hope that they understand that they will always be Tricoci students at heart.

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