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James Vincent, “Believe It ‘Til You Achieve It”

June 10th, 2011

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By Laura Prerost, Tricoci University’s Glendale Heights

This week, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture students at the Glendale Heights campus got a special treat: a visit from James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist and stylist for some of today’s biggest stars!

Having styled Lady Gaga, Liv Tyler, Joan Jett and Jane Fonda, James has some amazing stories about who he’s met, where he’s been and how the industry can take you places no others can. With years of experience behind him, James shared some wise words with my classmates and me.

Although he might live a glamorous lifestyle today, James discussed how his journey to success wasn’t all that easy. He said “people think, ‘oh I don’t like school so I’ll just learn how to cut hair!’ Well, they’re wrong. Cosmetology requires more work than half the jobs out there and you are constantly learning and becoming better.”

During his visit, James demonstrated different types of makeup techniques and explained that every makeup theme should be telling a story.

Although James taught us the importance of themes to makeup techniques, the most important theme I walked away was: believe it, work hard and you can achieve it!

Thank you to James for coming to visit. More importantly, thank you to the professionals that continue inspiring us!

james vincent

Makeup artist to the stars James Vincent visits Tricoci University in Glendale Heights to show us some of his signature techniques!

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