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Teacher Training: Round 2

June 8th, 2011

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By Lia Schusteff, Tricoci University Cosmetology alumni and current Teacher Training student

Had I been asked a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I’d be one full month into the teacher training program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. But, here I am!

I graduated from TUBC’s cosmetology program in 2006 and wanted to come back ever since. I knew that I wanted some good salon experience before making my return to the classroom, so  took some time away from the university before making my return – but I’m so glad to be back!

My weekly schedule is pretty packed: I work in the salon four days a week and am in class three days.  Although I have little free time, the teacher training program is designed for students like me who juggle both work and class (and life!), so I can handle it for the 600 hours it takes to get my certification!

What makes my routine easier is the leadership I see day-in and day-out. My boss at work understands the value of being a good educator, so supports my class schedule by being so accommodating with work.  My teacher training advisor at Tricoci University makes going to school fun, so I don’t even notice that I’m in class and don’t have any days off! We have hands-on projects that allow us to be creative – reminding me of being young! We recently made sushi, painted and made color wheels…out of cookies! With activities such as these, I can’t wait to see what the next month brings. Stay tuned!

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