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Esthetics School: I’ve Got This

September 30th, 2010

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By Brianna Campbell, Tricoci University in Peoria

The last month for the July esthetics class at Tricoci University’s Esthetics School, and it was dynamic to say the least. For one, our first taste of success was quickly approaching us with our essentials period coming to an end at the beginning of September. Essentials were definitely no joke. The boot camp description I received when I signed up for the program, where they warn you to say goodbye to your social life, was not so far fetched at times. The first seven weeks seemed like a bit of a whirlwind sometimes. The payoff however when we finished our practicals on September 4th was highly rewarding.
Practicals proved themselves to be largely a mysterious topic. Though we knew in advance what they would entail, and we practiced, practiced, practiced every day for them, the nervous tension in the air left us feeling like we were going to be clueless on the big day. That feeling couldn’t have been more contradictory. When it came time for the first our class to take the stage, we truly shined. It was definitely a long day and there were some misses, but once you get hands on and start to perform the first procedure, you realize one thing, “I’ve got this!” As the day went on, you became more and more comfortable and confident with each treatment and in your approach. At the end of it, all of us had prevailed and were able to move onto the floor!

The July Esthetics class has officially been on the floor for a little over a week now. I feel that every day you are on the floor you grow not only as a prospective esthetician, but you also grow as an individual. Working with the general public can often be an eye opening experience. You learn from your instructor, but sometimes you can even learn from your clients. Everyone is different so you are continuously learning every day new techniques and different methods of how to work with all the different types of people out there. I feel that every day has been extremely encouraging and that every moment I am becoming more and more confident. The best part though is that every day I become less and less reliant on my note-cards and my timing and technique improves all the time. This progression lets me know not only that I have made the right choice, but I really enjoy what I’m doing. The fact that I will one day have a career that revolves around making others feel good and look their best is pay off for me.
Working on the floor, there are many things that I enjoy. Though I love seeing the immediate results of healthier, more refreshed and glowing skin after giving a guest a facial – I LOVE makeup and waxing. Newly shaped brows can really change the perspective of one’s face and create a drastic, yet positive change for that person. Naturally as an aspiring makeup artist, I jump at the chance to do everybody and anyone’s makeup. After every facial I definitely encourage a guest to receive a complimentary makeup. Everyone has their preferences and strengths on the floor and those are the two I would never be unhappy to perform. The best thing that I’ve seen so far is that some of my anti-makeup classmates have become more accepting and comfortable with makeup. It is my personal goal before graduation to make makeup lovers out of all of them and even get them to experiment!
All in all, I am very grateful to be a part of the Tricoci family. Every day I open up more and as a shy person, I may not even need that shell anymore. I feel a true bond with my classmates and we’ve already made plans to keep in touch after we graduate. I’ve made friends for life and each day I’m a little bit closer to accomplishing one of my goals.


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