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Becoming an Eco-Friendly Beauty School

August 9th, 2010

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Premier Beauty School Goes “Green” and Replaces Textbooks with Netbooks

To take a more innovative and sustainable approach to delivering its programs—as well as lightening the load for its students—Tricoci University of Beauty Culture (TUBC), the nation’s premier beauty school, has transitioned its’ curriculum materials to netbooks for all its’ beauty school campuses in an effort to become a more eco-friendly beauty school. The netbooks are eco-friendly and create an optimal and easy learning environment, not only at the beauty school campuses, but anywhere for students.

“The netbook is a better way to deliver our program, providing students with more resources to build their knowledge and skills, and an easier way to take tests and complete their work. It really resonates with our students, both because they are used to getting information electronically and the fact that it is a more ‘green’ approach – it replaces two very large binders of printed material,” said Brian Weed, CEO of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

Currently, the netbooks contain all of the theory lessons and presentations for the Tricoci University’s Esthetics Program, and gives students the ability to add notes to the presentations, making it easier to refer back while studying.  The presentations simplify the material from the book, and add more visuals to make studying and understanding the material much easier.  Also, the TUBC textbook has now been converted to an e-book so students can log-on to their textbook anywhere with internet access.  Netbooks will be used in Tricoci University’s Cosmetology Program starting in August.

Since the younger generations have grown up relying on computer technology to assist them with school-related projects, students agree that the netbook is a great way to learn. “The transition has been easy. I like having my notes and chapters at a click of a button.  The netbook’s size and weight makes studying very convenient for students on the go, and the ultra-portable size of the netbook allows me to carry it in my purse,” says TUBC student Virginia Gonzalez.

The netbooks are provided to students on their first day of class at one of the six TUBC locations, and are theirs to keep, even after they leave TUBC.  They also have an email account through Tricoci University that remains open after graduation, continually providing them with updates about TUBC and other beauty related programs and events.

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