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First Day of Esthetics

May 10th, 2010

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By Cher Sproul, Tricoci University Esthetics student

The first day of Esthetics – a great future for me began when I steered my car through the entrance of Tricoci University.  I had been on site the week before, to take a tour and become acquainted with the possibilities that would open up for me through the education and guidance TUBC could provide.  It had only taken a day of deliberation before I had emailed my enrollment, confident that Tricoci University was exactly what I was looking for.
I had come from another state – all the way from Arizona – to sit at the feet of the best instructors and receive hands-on, individual attention from people who are experts in their field.  There were eleven of us on that first day, from all walks of life and nationalities, ranging in age from 18 to 47, and though each of us had a different story that brought us there, each of us shared that same commitment to make the most of this opportunity.
We were warmly greeted, and everyone was so friendly; that made all the difference in the world.  Ms. Holly, the director of the school, helpfully showed us where to be and how to navigate the orientation process.  We began to receive all the supplies we would need (how convenient that I wouldn’t have to run around shopping later that night!) and soon we had a large kit filled with jars, creams, books; even our own personal mannequin.
Ms. Patty, our instructor, led us through a discussion of Tricoci’s policies and guidelines; I remember thinking how important her emphasis on respecting one another and working as a team would be for us.  I also recall my impression of Ms. Patty as a rock star of a teacher; she excelled at enabling the students to participate and contribute to the process, through her dynamic presentations and great questions posed to us.   She seemed to grasp intuitively that people learn in different styles, and thus expressed herself in a variety of ways that enabled each of us to clearly understand.  From time to time Ms. Holly checked in on us to be sure we had everything we needed and were doing well.
That night, I enjoyed looking through the black clothes I would wear during training and choosing my first outfit for the next day’s sessions.  Anticipating the next day made sleep hard to come by that night, but I finally drifted off, dreaming of the success I would enjoy because of my training at Tricoci University.

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