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Tricoci University Career Fair

March 12th, 2013

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A couple times per year, Tricoci University holds a career fair for prospective employers to let the future professionals of TUBC learn a little about their company. Most full-time students will experience the career fair twice and the part-time could be a part of up to four separate fairs. Salons from all over the Glendale Heights area come to the career fair. For us it’s “the more the merrier” when it comes to inviting salons to our event.

Before a career fair is going to happen the students prepare by putting together a professional resume, something we learn about in “salon business,” an advanced class students take near graduation. Many salons bring applications to the fair, so our students can apply for the position and turn in a resume at the job fair. Those who are not yet ready to apply for a salon job may come to the event with questions for their future employers.

The day of the fair, Tricoci University students are split into groups to visit each salon’s booth. At each station the presenters are allowed ten to fifteen minutes to tell students about their company, their standards, expectations, procedures, and any other information they feel necessary to share. Most, if not all salons, bring pamphlets of the services they offer with their company, with pricing list, different locations and other promotional information. Some of the salons, for instance, Hair Cuttery, brought in small plastic totes that were filled with information on their company, a guide to services, and the presenters card.

The greatest part of the career event is seeing the variety of options we as cosmetologists have. From personally owned salons like Linea, corporate-run places like Mario Tricoci, and large chains like Great Clips, the options are endless. You can departmentalize, or work at places like Asha, where they allow their stylist/colorist to offer nail services if you wish. There are also places like Lady Jane’s that allow a lot of freedom as an “independent contractor” where you take home your earnings daily. The options are virtually limitless.

At the end of the fair, we students leave with a lot of new things. We are aware of what kind of career we want when we begin cosmetology school, but most of us are not sure where. Each salon put their own spin on a presentation and had different ways of educating us on their company. The career fair was a great opportunity to explore a variety of careers in the cosmetology industry.

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