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Tricoci Alumni Demo Their Skills

March 14th, 2013

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Guest post by Melissa Larsen, TUBC student at our Glendale Heights campus.

On Friday, March 1, two Tricoci University cosmetology alumni came and spoke with us about their current employment at La Relance Salon in Glencoe, Illinois. They also did two demos, one being a personalized French Twist and the other showing us how to smooth curly hair during an air form. During the demos they talked to us about their experiences at Tricoci University and the things they learned that really helped them out.

La Relance Salon seems like a very good place to work. New employees train one-on-one with the owner of the salon, which I feel, helps you be even more comfortable once you’re on your own with your clients. Starting out stylist’s haircuts cost fifty dollars and it only goes up from there. I feel this salon is a great place to work because all the stylists seem to get along very well, which makes for a great work environment.

While watching the demos I learned a very easy way to smooth hair during air forms, something that I’ve always struggled with. They also showed us great brushes and products to use to help assist in the air form. The updo was very informative because it showed me tricks on how to make sure the air is smooth and how to hide bobby pins. The demos were very helpful especially the air form.

Imagery from La Relance Salon’s Yelp.

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