Tricoci students doing hair at Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Gets Beautified

December 26th, 2012

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Guest post by Liz Panelli, TUBC student at our Glendale Heights campus

From 9:30AM to 3:30PM on Saturday, November 10, part-time and full-time students from the Glendale Heights location volunteered at Trinity Lutheran Church in Roselle, IL for their annual Family Day. This was the 6th year that the Glendale Height location and it’s students have volunteered their time and skills to help others in the community. At the church, families lined up outside waiting receive complimentary haircuts, family portraits, dental care, and other important necessities.

Once the students arrived, they were each given a station where they set up all their tools and were given a variety of products that they would be able to use to aid in their styling after their haircut was done. The event at Trinity Lutheran Church was getting ready to commence and all Tricoci students were getting excited to put their schooling to good use on these women and girls who were attending the event. Every guest was given an appointment time and when their time came around they came to the room where the ladies were cutting hair.

Appointments were booked by the church for 6-10 guests every 30 minutes! Once they arrived they were taken by volunteers from the church where they got their hair shampooed and conditioned before it was the students turn to take over. Very much like a regular salon, all the guests waited in chairs until their students came to greet them and take them back to their individual station. Then once they were at a station they were asked multiple questions such as; what were they looking for, how much length they wanted to take off, did they want a fringe (bang), if they needed their hair thinned, or if they even wanted their hair texturized.

No two guests wanted the same things, from graduated and classic bobs to long and short layer cuts, it happened that day! After their haircut was finished the women and girls were given the option to have their hair air formed (blow dried) and styled any way they wanted it. Once the styling was complete the look on every guest’s face was priceless. They were so appreciative and thankful that the students were taking time out of their day to help them and others that were there.

Overall, the event was a great success having every guest leaving happy and feeling beautiful! The ladies of Tricoci University felt accomplished and good that they could do something they found to be so simple mean so much to others and can not wait to have another opportunity like this to give back to our community!

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