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December 20th, 2012

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Guest post by Jillian Rinaldi

“Be a day maker for your guest” -Mario Tricoci.

On December 12th, 2012 Mr. Mario came in to do a demonstration for the Harlem Campus. Mario has been behind a chair doing hair for 45 years non-stop, however, he’s been doing hair for 50 years. He talked about the way to treat your client and how to greet them. Mario told us that you don’t only want to make your client look great you want to make them feel good. You want to make the clients experience a memorable one. Mario also said that 50% of your haircut is staying focused on what you are doing.

For the demonstration, Mario did a creative Graduated bob, and taught us how to up-sell services to our guests and to teach our clients how to properly take care of their hair. Since the haircut was creative it wasn’t structured like are normal Graduated Bobs; because he is so precise with his sections he didn’t need to part it. After he was done doing the haircut he picked two students to assist him with color. He explained how to do the Bayalage technique and they went and colored the models hair.

While the model was getting her hair colored, Mario picked another student to get a special occasion up-do. The up-do consisted of a side part with hair straight back into a ponytail. He then straightened the ends of the hair to give it bit of a curl. Then he pinned small sections of the hair to the base to make shapes with the hair. It turned out to look very pretty and exotic looking. This overall experience was great and I learned so much from it.

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