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Turn Eyeshadow into Liquid Eyeliner

December 2nd, 2016

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by Crystal Baldazo, Esthetics Master Educator for Tricoci University

Have you ever looked at an Eye Shadow and thought “I wish this was an eyeliner” or “if only I could FIND an eyeliner in THIS color?” In all of my years of loving makeup this has happened to me hundreds – no thousands of times.

Back in high school, I would mix my Eye Shadow with water and hope for the best.  I mean, it worked, became liquid eyeliner that I could apply with a brush and get a nice line with, but it never stayed – once it dried it would soften more than I wanted and then eventually the wind would blow and shadow particles would just fly off of my face (totally the way it happened).  So I gave up trying to make liquid liner out of shadow happen.

That is until I discovered that there is this magical liquid called a “Transformer” or a “Mixing Medium” – they are these fantastic drops of liquid gold (okay, not really gold but you know what I mean) that you mix up with your favorite shadow to form a paste that you can use as eyeliner.  This way you can take that brilliant gold, silver, glitter, or that perfect royal purple and make it into that winged eyeliner that you’ve always dreamed of!  Once you have your custom eyeliner color all mixed up you can use a small angle brush (or a thin liner brush if that’s your thing) and glide that liner right onto your lids.

A couple of my favorite transformers are “Cake Eyeliner Sealer” from Kryolan and “Stuck On You” from Color Lab.  They turn your powder shadows into a liquid liner and also give them that staying power that we all need for those gusty Chicago days.  The “Cake Eyeliner Sealer” is designed to be used with Kryolan’s “Cake Eyeliner” (which is amazing) but you can also use it with any powder and the “Stuck On You” is designed to be mixed with any Color Lab powder…but again, you can mix it up with just about anything.

If you’re wondering where you can get these amazing products, I have good news – we sell all of these products at Tricoci University!  You can stop into a campus, get the best facial you’ve ever had (see what I did there), a mani/pedi, some fresh new color for your hair AND get all of the supplies you need to make your own custom eyeliner colors.

Happy Winging!!


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