WGN Around Town Gets a Chance to Experience Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

March 19th, 2021

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On March 19, Chicago’s WGN 9 was able to get up close and personal with Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. The news crew sent out Ana Belaval, a WGN feature reporter, to gather more information about Tricoci University in the Around Town segment on the news. Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing Around Town segment.

1. Coloring Hair With a Colorist

During the Around Town segment, Ana was able to work with a colorist who was right in the middle of figuring out a coloring job on a mannequin. The colorist, who is currently a student at Tricoci University, was creating a balayage look on a mannequin—a crucial step all students have to take before moving on to real clients’ hair.

Balayage, which is a unique “hand-painted” highlighting technique, is one that can be very difficult to master. However, with the help of a teacher and plenty of practice, it’s possible to master it for real people. This coloring technique is one that students can learn at Tricoci University through the cosmetology course.

2. Adding Lines With a Barber

The next segment had Ana working with a barber who was busy giving a haircut to another student. It seems as though the student had already mostly completed the hairstyle and was in the process of adding some flair with lines. Because the barber was working with a student, not a client, and the process of adding a single line isn’t too difficult, the barber was able to let her make one of them.

“Lines” are a barbering technique that adds unique, stunning designs to a hairstyle. A stylist forms a line by shaving the hair further down than it’s shaved in the rest of the area. Multiple lines can come together to form designs, and a talented barber can even add swirls and round shapes. Through Tricoci University’s barbering course, a barber can learn this along with many other skills.

3. Talking About Tricoci Loves Community

The biggest reason that WGN Around Town visited Tricoci University is to learn more about the Tricoci Loves Community program. Through this program, Tricoci University is opening services at discounted rates to veterans, active military members, teachers and frontline workers. This is a way for Tricoci University to give back to the community around it.

Through the Tricoci Loves Community program, military members, including both veteran and active duty, can receive free haircuts, and teachers or frontline workers can receive 10% off any product or service. If you fall into one of these groups and you want to receive a discounted or free service, book an appointment at your nearest Tricoci University clinical salon and make sure you bring an ID that proves your status as one of these groups.


With this Around Town segment, WGN has recognized Tricoci University’s incredible commitment to the community around it. This is intended to acknowledge the importance of frontline workers, military members, and teachers, not just during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also before and after it. If community involvement is important to you, request more information to decide whether Tricoci University might be the right choice for your beauty education.


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