What to Look for in a Cosmetology Program

May 9th, 2020

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Student to Teacher Ratio

In order to receive the most effective education, check the average class sizes of your program of interest. The fewer students each teacher has, the more attention they’ll be able to give you, especially if you’re ever struggling on a particular subject.

Quality of Facility and Equipment

You deserve the best when it comes to your education. That includes the facility in which your lessons take place and the equipment that you use to learn new skills and techniques. When touring your school of interest, make sure everything appears sanitary, well maintained, and is running efficiently.

Cost / Financial Aid

It’s no secret that higher education is expensive. Luckily, financial aid may be available to you depending on your circumstances and where you choose to study. Compared to traditional universities, cosmetology school is much more affordable, but if the idea of paying for your beauty education is daunting, be sure to pick a program that accepts financial aid.

Scheduling Flexibility

Studying full-time during the day is an efficient way to learn, but it isn’t a realistic option for everyone. If you plan to work throughout your schooling or have obligations that take up a considerable amount of your time, consider looking for a program that offers part-time or night classes that fit your schedule.

Availability of In-School Salon

Schools that have their own salon attached will always be superior to those that do not, simply because in-school salons offer students the ability to practice their skills on real people rather than relying completely on mannequins.

Local Community Ties

It’s important that your school participates in events in the surrounding community because it’s a great way to build a positive reputation for both the school itself, and the students. Taking part in community events can be an amazing networking opportunity for students to start building up a client base and make a name for themselves in their area.


Making sure whatever school end up choosing is accredited is crucial to ensuring that the quality of education you’ll be receiving is up to industry standards. Another perk to be aware of is the fact that programs that have been accredited gain the ability to accept financial aid.

Passion and Skill Level of Teachers

Genuine excitement for learning is contagious. When your teachers love what they do and want you to succeed, the quality of education you’ll receive grows exponentially. The more skilled your instructors are, the more skilled you’ll be fresh out of school.

Happy Students

When considering cosmetology programs, a commonly overlooked but extremely important factor is how happy and satisfied current students are with the program. Are they interested in the course material? Are they being adequately challenged? If not, why?

Range of Topics Covered

Receiving a balanced education is critical if your end goal is to be marketable in your field by the time graduation comes around. Be sure to do your research on all the topics covered in your cosmetology program of interest. Aside from a wide range of beauty skills, you’ll also want to double check that your program goes over business training and client relations.

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