Climb the Career Ladder with Help From Normal, Illinois’s Quality Esthetician School

Cosmetologists and estheticians may work in the same industry, but each career has its perks. Work as an esthetician sees you addressing unique skin conditions and composing equally-unique skincare treatment programs while also helping clients through questions about hair removal, makeup applications, and more.

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture can help you make your esthetician dreams a reality. As a student in Normal, Illinois, you can attend classes designed to elevate you into the next stage of your career.


No esthetician performs the same work every day. An esthetician’s education, in fact, is one of the most versatile tools that you can have at your disposal.

Tricoci University’s esthetics program in Normal, IL can help you better create a toolbox of skills to help you build your esthetician’s career. After completing the esthetics program, you have the opportunity to explore work as a:

  • Facialist
  • Electrologist
  • Waxing Specialist
  • Body Treatment Specialist
  • Medi-Spa Esthetician
  • Makeup Artist
  • Bridal Makeup Specialist
  • Permanent Makeup Applicator

Whether you’re interested in one of these fields, or a career all your own, the team at Tricoci University can help you carve out your ideal path.

A Schedule That Prioritizes Your Needs

These days, everyone has responsibilities making demands of their time. Even if you want to go back to school, you may feel as though no university will cater to your schedule’s needs.

This is not the case. When you’re searching for an esthetics program you’ll find that Tricoci University has many campuses, schedule opportunities and start dates. The University is more than willing to work within its students’ schedules. This means that you will be able to attend courses around your other responsibilities.

Financial Aid for More Accessible Education

Pursuing your dreams in an Esthetics course shouldn’t be impossible due to finances. Tricoci University has several programs available to help you better understand what kinds of financial aid may be available to you.

Tricoci University is accredited by NACCAS, meaning that the Department of Education can provide you with the support you need to complete your Esthetics program. A financial aid advisor at Tricoci University will help assist you in the application process. So long as you meet the department’s requirements, you can rely on federal loans to put you through your esthetician’s program.

You’ll also have the option to seek out Esthetics school scholarships. Tricoci University keeps an updated list of available scholarships online. You can access this list at your leisure and determine which scholarships you may qualify for based on your personal history.

Finally, Tricoci University also makes payment plans available to those students who need a financial boost to get through their program. You can talk to a Tricoci University financial aid advisor about joining an interest-free, monthly payment plan to work through your course fees. This way, you can attend your courses without worrying about a single tuition payment looming down the road.

For more information about Tricoci University’s financial aid options, you can reach out to a university team member.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: Why Should I Take Courses at An Esthetics College near me?

Esthetician courses at Tricoci University in Normal, Illinois can help you start a new career. Every day, new people seek out guidance from area estheticians for a range of services, like a one-time hair removal treatment or help with developing a new skincare routine. You will always have access to a rotating clientele basis that will keep you in business for years after you’ve finished your education.

    • Q: How Much Does it Cost to Attend the Esthetics College in Normal, Illinois?

The cost of attending Tricoci University will vary based on where you live, what your potential financial aid looks like, and other personal factors. You can calculate a cost estimate using Tricoci University’s Normal esthetics price calculator.

    • Q: When Can I Start Taking Classes at Tricoci University?

Tricoci University opens new esthetics courses every six weeks. There’s no need to wait, to kick off your esthetics education.

Kickstart Your Esthetician Career in Normal Today

Are you ready to shake up the way you look at your future career? Sign up for the esthetics program at Tricoci University in Normal, Illinois and see just what a high-quality esthetics education can do for your career. Talk to a Tricoci University team member about the admissions process today.


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