Unlock a New Career Path through Our High-Quality Barber School in Highland, Indiana

Beauty is about more than making someone look pretty. It takes a certain level of technical precision and finesse the average person simply does not possess. This is especially true for barbering. One wrong cut, and you’ll have a very unhappy customer on your hands.

Fortunately, you can learn how to avoid these costly mistakes by first attending a barbering school. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture’s high-quality barber school is open to all interested members of the Highland beauty community. Learn the skills and techniques you need to get started in a barbering career with us today!

Careers in Barbering

Learning barbering might seem like a limited field, but a great barber education can open so many new career paths for you! Barbering students of all kinds can look forward to job opportunities after graduating from our barber program, including:

  • Barber
  • Barbershop Manager
  • Barbershop Owner
  • Master Barber
  • Men’s Stylist
  • TV Stylist

No one barbering career is alike. Each career requires a specific skill set that can deeply impact a person’s overall look. From barbershop management to TV stylist, our courses cover everything you need to know about how to become a high-class barber. Learn more about what Tricoci University can teach you by talking to a member of our team for more information today!

Flexible Curricula That Fit Your Schedule

Beauty professionals of all kinds know the value of setting their own schedules. Whether working solo or within an agency or salon, a good beauty professional needs to understand how to set a schedule that works best for them.

Tricoci University can help you develop this invaluable skill. Our courses don’t follow a rigid schedule like most universities. With Tricoci University, you can learn on your own time! Our teachers can help you construct a course schedule that revolves around your daily life instead of the other way around.

You can spread our 1,500-hour part-time barber program over 20 months to complete it during your own time. However, if you have already completed an accredited cosmetology program, you can apply for Tricoci University’s “Fast Track” Barber Program. This specialized program is a less expensive course option that reduces the training hours to a mere 500 hours (or less than one month)! Talk to a Tricoci University team member today to see which program option works best for your daily schedule!

Accessible Education with Financial Aid

Tricoci University offers plenty of financial aid options for our barbering students, including federal aid, grants and scholarships. Tricoci University is accredited by NACCAS (National
Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences), allowing you to apply for federal financial aid to fund your Highland barber college education. We also offer grants and barber school scholarships you can use toward your barbering education and certification.

Student loans with heaps of interest are the bane of any college student’s life. Fortunately, Tricoci University can set you up with an interest-free monthly payment plan that best suits your budget. Pay for your entire tuition over the course of your entire enrollment period! Talk to a Tricoci University team member today about what financial aid we can offer you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Barber Schools

  • Is Pursuing a Career in Barbering Worth It?
  • Barbering is a rapidly growing field with plenty of job opportunities for you to choose from. There is also no way a barbering job could ever be taken by machines, either. It takes a distinctly human touch—your touch—to make a hairstyle look amazing. Tricoci University’s high-quality barbering courses can land you a lifetime barbering career you’re sure to love!

  • How Expensive Is Attending a Barber College in Highland?
  • Different barber schools will have different tuitions. Your tuition for Tricoci University barbering courses will depend on plenty of factors, including your location, financial aid opportunities, and current living costs. Use our handy barber program price calculator to figure out the most accurate tuition estimate for your unique situation!

  • When Can I Enroll in Tricoci University’s Barber Program?
  • No need to wait for the fall or spring semester to start your barbering education. At Tricoci University, new courses are offered every six weeks! Get in touch with one of our dedicated team members to find out when our next slate of barbering courses begin!

Pave the Way for Your Future in Barbering!

Make a significant splash in the Highland beauty community with a high-quality barbering education at Tricoci University! Our barbering program will open up your career options, paving the way for a great future in all kinds of barbering practices.

You’ll soon learn to become an expert barber with our high-class courses. Let our Tricoci University team members guide you through our easy admissions process today!


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