Anyone who’s interested in becoming a hairstylist will probably weigh the pros and cons of attending a hairdressing college at some point. However, those who are interested in saving money may wonder whether a hairdressing class is really necessary at all. Do you need a hairdressing class to become a hairstylist in Rockford? Are hairdressing colleges in Chicago an important part of the educational process? Here are some important concepts your hairdressing class will teach you.

1. Salon-Level Tips and Tricks

Of course, the most obvious thing hairdressing class will teach you is salon-level tips and tricks that you need to maintain a high-quality practice. True, you can get many of the basics down on your own time, but a hairdressing college will teach you much more about the most high-level skills and concepts. That may also include tips from your teachers, who have probably had a lot of practice in cutting, styling and coloring hair.

2. Client-Facing Skills

One thing you can’t learn on your own is client-facing skills. You need to develop these personality-based skills by actually interacting with clients. Going into your very first hairstyling job having never interacted with clients before is a sure-fire way to feel uncomfortable and uncertain about your interactions. When you attend a hairdressing college in Chicago, you’ll gather client-facing skills both on paper and through repeated practice.

3. Sanitation and Safety Measures

Sanitation and safety are incredibly important parts of working as a hairstylist. You need to take responsibility for what happens in your salon, and if you improperly sanitize your tools or your space, you could make someone sick. Though these aren’t skills you often think about when you think about hairstyling, they’re massively important for you and your clients. A hairdressing class will give you by-the-book sanitation information and requirements.

4. Working With a Team

As a student in a hairdressing class, you’ll work with other students at various times. These may be group projects, study groups, or just socializing with your fellow students, but no matter why you do it, you’re going to need to become good at working with a team. Whether you work at a salon, on the runway, or at commercial shoots, you’re going to have a team working with you. Hairdressing college will help you learn important concepts about working with a team.

5. Passion for Hairdressing

One thing you can’t really learn is a passion for hairdressing. However, while hairdressing colleges in Chicago can’t teach you how to have a passion for hairdressing, the very experience of attending a hairdressing class may make you realize how much you love the craft. There’s nothing like attending classes for many months and focusing a large part of your attention on something to realize how much you appreciate it.

Making a Move Toward Hairdressing Class

At the end of the day, hairdressing class is actually an important part of your hairdressing experience. Sure, you can learn how to cut hair at home on your own, but if you want to make it as a successful hairdresser, you’re going to need to attend a hairdressing college to gain the necessary skills. If you’ve been looking into hairdressing colleges in Chicago, why not get in touch with a Tricoci University of Beauty Culture team member? You can learn more about cosmetology school, find out more about your options at the Rockford campus, and start on your path to a career.