Learning Has Evolved

Pro – Practice. Realize. Obtain.

Move over textbooks! There’s a new way of learning at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, and it’s called PRO. We’ve developed an interactive learning experience for the new, digitally-engaged generation that complements our hands-on style. And best of all, PRO is built on these three pillars: providing top-notch education, collaboration with a like-minded community, and celebrating everyone’s progress while having fun.

The PRO App Delivers through These Key Areas

Pro education icon

We provide top-notch educational content that’s delivered through interactive lessons, social interactions and the latest technology

PRO learning communication

We open up the lines of communication so you can belong to the greater community and share ideas: be a part of your class, your school, and all of TUBC

PRO learning game

We incorporate many game-like elements throughout PRO to make learning more fun and provide opportunities to be celebrated for all you do

Blurring the Lines Between Education and Fun!

pro learning icons

Providing an excellent education is at the core of PRO. Our exclusive learning platform with proprietary content allows you to PRACTICE what you’re taught, REALIZE your talents and dreams, and OBTAIN the knowledge needed to become a successful professional in the beauty industry. Our lessons are brought to life through live-time communications, classmate collaboration, and countless engaging activities. Not to mention, it’s a bit competitive, too! Will you make it on our leader board?

Screenshots of the Tricoci University’s PRO App