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Beauty Career: Barber

November 3rd, 2019


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As a longstanding cosmetology specialist, barbers have a very special place in the salon world, and it’s one that doesn’t seem to be going away. A barber program at the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture can set you up for an amazing career after completion. But what things might make you interested in actually setting out for the barber career?


A barber by and large handles men who are looking for a haircut, although some women with more masculine haircuts may choose to visit a barber as well. Much of a barber’s education overlaps with that of a traditional hairstylist, but a barber instead focuses on more masculine cuts and styles. Barbers still have to learn shop management, skin care and nail care, but tend to learn more about shaving and masculine hair styling.

Job Outlook

Along with the rest of the salon field, barbering is expected to rise as a career by around 10% by 2020. That’s higher than the general average, making it a great option for those looking into making it a career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a barber in 2016 was $14.38 before tips, making it generally a job paid higher than minimum wage, not including tips. All in all, it’s a good job outlook — people are always going to need masculine cuts and shaves just like other people need feminine ones.


To pursue your dream of becoming a barber, you need to meet both education and experience requirements.


Like other hairstylists, barbers need state licensing to practice. You need to graduate a qualifying program in your state, then sit a barber licensing exam to receive your official license. The barber program from Tricoci University gives you 1500 hours of experience, which is 12 months full time or 20 months part time, providing you a superior education and all the tools you need to pass your licensing exam in Illinois.


Like in any other field, experience is incredibly important. You’ll start out using mannequins in barbering school, though you’ll soon move on to customers, who will often allow you to practice in exchange for a reduced cut price. Creativity is important in this field, so make sure that you truly build a portfolio throughout your practice.

People with other cosmetology experience can also move into the barbering specialty. If you’ve already graduated from a cosmetology program, you might qualify for the “fast track” barber curriculum at Tricoci University, which is 500 hours and provides eligibility for the barber licensing exam.

Skills for Success

If this all sounds amazing to you, consider whether you have these important skills for success. You might find they’re some of the most important parts.


Many masculine cuts deal with very small amounts of hair. When you’re creating hair art with masculine cuts, you often have even less leeway than with feminine cuts, and you need to be able to be incredibly detailed and specific with your movements.

People Skills

It’s important that you’re able to make your guests truly feel at home when they step inside the barbershop. After all, they might sit in your barbering chair for quite a long time, and you want them to feel comfortable. Plus, the happier you’re able to make them feel, the more likely they’ll be to tip.

Sales Skills

Many barbers sell customers salon-grade hair and beard products. You may even earn commission from these sales. It’s a good idea to develop sales skills that are truly educated and don’t feel too “pushy.” Your guests want a friendliness with their barber; they don’t want to feel like they’re being upsold.

An Innovative Career

Barbering is at once an innovative and classic career, and that’s one of the reasons it’s remained a staple for so long. As a barber, you’re going to create innovative hairstyles for people who have been going to barbers for decades, and that’s a truly unique position to find yourself in. If you really love the concept of straddling that middle ground, you should look to the barber program at Tricoci University, where you might just find a new place to hang your hat.

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