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Beauty Career: Cosmetology Instructor

September 12th, 2019


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When deciding what to do after completing a cosmetology program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, you have a variety of options. One of those is to actually teach the next generation of cosmetologists. As with any other teaching position, cosmetology instruction can be difficult. What do you need to know if you’re considering this interesting career?


As a cosmetology instructor, you’ll be teaching cosmetologists how to effectively perform their jobs. That means giving students the technical skills they need to actually work as a cosmetologist, but it also means helping students understand what being a cosmetologist entails. There are lots of elements that go into being a cosmetologist, and the technical know-how is only part of it. You’ll be a key part of their transition into cosmetology as a profession.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that both the salon industry and post-secondary vocational education are going to rise by 2024. The salon industry should grow by 14% and job demand for vocational education should grow by 12%, both numbers that are significantly above the national average. That means the job outlook for cosmetology instructors is stable. Maintain a good relationship with cosmetology programs and schools nearby so that you have access to an entry-level job once you complete your program.


As with any other teaching position, there are some requirements that you’ll need to attend to before you can become an instructor.


This is probably the most important part of becoming a cosmetology teacher. In order to teach students, you yourself need to be a licensed cosmetologist. That means completing a cosmetology program and passing any licensing exams that your state requires. On top of that, you’ll want to complete a cosmetology teacher training program, which directly prepares you for the experience of teaching students.


If you want students to take you seriously, it’s important that you have a fair bit of experience in the field yourself. Although you might want to become a cosmetology instructor before you even enter the field, you might not want to push yourself toward it immediately. Enjoy your time as a cosmetologist and really allow yourself to experience that part of your career. You’ll be more well-equipped to teach people who will be in your shoes one day.

Skills for Success

Before you make the choice to become a cosmetology instructor, you might want to make sure you have these skills that will really help in your journey.


Instructors need a certain amount of organizational skills in order to succeed. You’ll have to keep track of your lesson plans, course requirements and grading structures, get to know the individuals in your class, and continue to maintain your own career as a cosmetologist if you choose to teach part-time.


Even as a teacher, you still need a measure of creativity. First off, it takes creativity to develop your own lesson plans, even if you build off plans from other people. But it also requires creativity for you to create exercises and showcase your skills to your students.


Your students should see you as an authority figure. You don’t need to be mean or rude, but it’s important that you maintain credibility in their eyes. If you’re able to maintain an authoritative presence, your students will learn better.


Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. Maybe your class is larger than you thought, only a few people showed up to class or you don’t have enough supplies. It’s important that you’re able to work around the issues no matter what happens.

A Career for Visionaries

Although you can certainly go to cosmetology school and immediately transition into cosmetology instruction, you might want to work for some time in the world of cosmetology before you move into teaching. The Tricoci University cosmetology teacher training program has separate paths for those with 2+ years of prior cosmetology experience and those without; the program with experience is shorter, and your previous experience may lend you more credibility as a teacher. The choice is ultimately yours: what do you want to do in the cosmetology world?

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