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Questions To Ask Any Prospective Beauty School

July 6th, 2021


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Choosing a beauty school is a crucial element of becoming a cosmetologist, esthetician, nail technician or another position in the beauty world. Choose the right beauty school and it’ll set you up for success; choose the wrong school, and you may be left feeling unfulfilled. If you’re trying to decide between beauty schools, it’s important to ask questions and ensure the school will help you achieve your personal goals. One of the best ways to make sure you have the right school is to ask a lot of questions.

As you make the rounds to other schools, make sure you ask the following questions:

Is the curriculum foundational or modular?

A modular curriculum teaches information in modules, which means you learn one skill one week and another skill the next. The modules are typically connected, but have different fundamental teachings; one doesn’t necessarily build on the next. A “foundational” curriculum, like the curriculum at Tricoci University, will first teach you foundational skills, then build on those teachings with additional, more advanced skills.

How does the curriculum go beyond the basic state requirements?

Passing the state licensure test is essential and important. Just as important as the state license is proper preparation for a future career in the beauty industry.. Tricoci University takes great pains to teach students the most important beauty information, with cutting-edge industry equipment and a continually improving curriculum. Not all beauty schools equip students with the necessary business skills to succeed beyond their educational experience.

What is the school’s philosophy on product lines?

Though a variety of brands may provide a broader experience, teaching ingredient-level chemistry will actually allow students to better understand the composition of products that may be used in real salons. Make sure the school is using products to teach chemistry, like Tricoci University does, rather than just teaching based on products.

What is the school’s philosophy on retail?

Tricoci University draws on the beliefs of Mario Tricoci, who believes that salon workers should listen to their client’s needs and prescribe them care specific to those needs, rather than selling them a product. When you maximize client satisfaction with great products, you make a customer for life.Be sure that the beauty school you attend is aligned with your personal values.

How much hands-on practice will I get with real clients?

Beginning with practice on mannequins at the beginning of your education helps you make mistakes without those mistakes reflecting in someone’s hair. However, after a time, you need real experience. Tricoci University trains students with both mannequins and salon visitors to provide a realistic experience. Students have the ability to work on real clients to not only perfect both their beauty skills, but also marketing and professional skills.

What is the school’s attendance policy?

The best schools typically have a policy that prioritizes attendance, but are willing to work with you if you have schedule concerns. You don’t want to face removal from the program due to missing several classes. Tricoci University works with its students to create a personalized schedule that will work best with a student’s life outside the classroom.

Is your school accredited and does it offer federal financial aid?

Accredited schools need to pass certain benchmarks of performance, such as a higher percentage of students passing state licensure exams. If a beauty school is accredited by NACCAS, like Tricoci University, they’re also allowed to offer federal financial aid. Financial Aid is a wonderful option for anyone who may be wishing to attend school and do not have the means to do so.

What do your alumni have to say about their experiences and the value of their education?

The best way to truly understand what the experience is like at a certain beauty school is to speak to alumni who had previously attended. In many cases, you’ll find that those who have attended will provide the most honest and in depth opinions. They can also provide information that you may not find online, like the friends they made, the connections they had with teachers, and experiences they had working with real clients. Speaking with an alum will provide a well-rounded picture of what the experience will be like when attending.

How do you ensure I will be salon-ready?

Remember, you want to go to beauty school so you eventually have a job opportunity. Being salon-ready is about more than just having skills. You need innovation, knowledge, people skills and a generally great education. Tricoci University maximizes your salon readiness by putting you into the salon situation before you even graduate.


Every beauty college will have its own answers to these questions, but if Tricoci University is near the top of your list, you can be sure those answers are the best. Contact Tricoci University today to request more cosmetology information.

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