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Educational Materials

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture uses a combination of proprietary and third party educational content, all of which is copyrighted. This content has been integrated by Tricoci University of Beauty Culture and is delivered via an online application. In addition, other educational material is required to complete the program (e.g., shears for the cosmetology program). All of the educational materials are included in the Student Kit, which is typically delivered on the first day of class.

Some of the third party content may be available commercially outside of the Student Kit. Use the following link to learn more about what might be available and current costs:

Educational Facilities

It is our belief that, though we are an educational institution, our facilities must exhibit an atmosphere that is motivating and professional for students as well as guests.

Classrooms and Tricoci University of Beauty Culture student salons/spas have been designed to facilitate the highest quality of training for enrolled students in their specialized fields. Our students train with the most advanced equipment available to our profession, encouraging the best use of their learned skills. Industry current audio and video equipment, as well as classroom interaction with renowned beauty industry artists, are a part of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture’s educational experience.

Field Trips

Occasionally field trips will be organized for the students. Authorized field trips will be hosted by the teacher. When on field trips the student is expected to adhere to the same level of standards as prescribed by campus rules and regulations.


On the first day of scheduled class, students will be assigned a locker (students should remember to bring a combination lock on the first day of school, key locks are prohibited). This locker is not designed to store all kit items issued on the first day of class. It is provided to secure personal items including but not limited to: purses, wallets, keys, cell phones, money and any items that are required for classroom or clinic instruction for that day. Students should remember to double check their lock after placing personal items in the locker. Lockers may be randomly searched by management.

Note: Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Graduated or withdrawn students have 5 days from their last day of attendance to remove their belongings from the campus lockers. Failure to do so may result in disposal of the contents by Campus Management.

Student Kits

Student Kits are distributed on the first day of class. Students are provided with the necessary professional tools and textbooks to successfully complete their education. All items, including iPads/textbooks, mannequin heads, etc. must be available on campus during class hours every day.

During the distribution of kit items, students will receive warranty cards from third party equipment providers. These cards must be completed by the student and mailed to the distributer. In the event that a piece of warranted equipment malfunctions or is broken, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the equipment provider.

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is not responsible for any items that are lost, stolen or broken. Any missing or damaged kit items will have to be replaced by the student, at the student’s expense, within 24 hours.


Tricoci University of Beauty Culture has transitioned its curriculum materials to iPads for all its beauty school campuses. The iPads are eco-friendly and create an optimal and easy learning environment, not only at the beauty school campuses, but anywhere for students. The iPads contain an e-version of the student textbook, as well as all of the theory lessons and presentations for each of the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture programs, and give students the ability to add notes to the presentations, making it easier to refer back while studying.

Internet Policy Use and Agreement

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture will provide students access to the internet for educational purposes only. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture has placed restrictions on the material students may access and/or post through the internet. A student’s access may be revoked if any laws are violated. Please note that students are subject to disciplinary action for utilizing Tricoci University of Beauty Culture internet for non-educational purposes.

Copyright Infringement

Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing, may subject students to civil and criminal liabilities. Students who engage in illegal or unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials using the school’s information technology system will be subject to disciplinary and legal action, as appropriate.

Academic Honesty

Students are responsible for conducting themselves with honesty and integrity. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on exams and plagiarism.

“Cheating” includes: copying from another student, bringing in or using materials during an exam that are not allowed, collaborating with another student during an exam, stealing and distributing a portion or entire exam, misrepresenting someone else’s work as your own, forgery of progress tracking, and/or falsifying hours. Any and all incidences of Academic Dishonesty will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination from the program.


Proper sanitation, as set forth by State requirements, is critical in the continued and safe education of students, safety of clients and associates, and continued licensing of the school. All sanitation rules must be followed by students and campus associates in their entirety every day. All sanitation will be assigned and monitored by a teacher. Failure to comply with the sanitation standards will result in disciplinary action. Any unsafe conditions should be reported to a teacher or Campus Director.

We are committed to providing a safe environment for associates, students and guests. All students should use care in keeping their work area as clean and safe as possible, in order to prevent accidents or hazardous situations.

Any injury occurring on the school premises should be reported to the student’s teacher or Campus Director, even if the injury does not require first aid or medical attention.

Exam and Assignments Policy

Theory exams and graduate examinations are mandatory. Regularly scheduled exams will be given throughout the program. All exam environments will be supervised by teachers or student teachers. No student is permitted to leave or enter the classroom while exams are being administered. The penalty for cheating is automatic failure and will result in further disciplinary action (see Academic Honesty Policy).

Assigned project work must be completed when due – no extension is granted. If not completed, projects will receive an automatic failing grade. Certain projects are required for graduation. Failure to complete such project will result in failure to complete the program. (See Graduation Requirements).

Make Up Exam Policy

The following is the approved policy for make-up exams:

1. Students who do not pass the exam on the first try may have the opportunity to re-take it to achieve a passing score. When the second or any subsequent exam is passed the final grade will be no higher than 85%.
2. If the student has an unplanned or undocumented absence on the scheduled exam day, the retake exam grade will be no higher than an 85%.
3. The campus will designate a make-up exam day and time. If a student has an unplanned absence on the scheduled make-up exam day, he or she will receive a failing grade for that exam. This score will be recorded until the student successfully passes, at which time the grade will be no higher than an 85%.

Essentials Exams and Final Exams

All students will take their essentials exams and graduate exams at the first available posted date and time after meeting the required completion of hours, chapter exams and study guides. All students must successfully achieve an 85% or better on all written exams prior for eligibility to take the graduate practical exams and graduate written exam.

The essentials practical exam consists of a series of practical exams and the graduate practical examination is a combination of one written exam and a series of practical exams. The student must achieve a minimum passing grade of 85% on the final written exam. The student must also achieve a minimum of 85% on each practical exam for Essentials and Graduate Examinations. Students are allowed to take the final exam 3 times. If after the third attempt the student does not pass, the student will be expelled from the program and subject to the terms of the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture dismissal/expulsion policy.

The essentials practical exams and the graduate practical exams will require students to find and bring in models for specific services. If the student does not arrange for their models or their models do not show, the student is subject to a grading penalty on their essentials exams and graduate exams. The student may be required to wait until the next regularly scheduled exam date to take the exam.

State/Tricoci University of Beauty Culture Practical Progress Requirements

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture has established a minimum progress requirement facilitated through White Cards. These sheets will be kept for you at your campus and managed by your teachers. Each student will be evaluated during their practical. If the student’s work is reflective of a passing grade, the student will receive a signature from the teacher. If the work is NOT reflective of a passing grade, the student will be asked to redo the technique until a passing grade is achieved. The State/ Tricoci University of Beauty Culture Practical Progress Requirements are as follows:

    • ILLINOIS: 100% Tricoci University of Beauty Culture White Card Completion
    INDIANA: 100% State of Indiana Practical Progress Completion

In the event a student requires a model to complete a Progress Requirement, the student must receive approval from a teacher and campus management. The model must pay the student/model fee with the Student Salon Receptionist.

Monthly Progress Reports

Each month students will receive a progress report that will notify them of the hours earned and grades received in their program of study. In the event that a student is absent on the day that Student Progress Reports are distributed, the student may request their Student Progress Report from Campus Management. Students who are in jeopardy of not making SAP at their next checkpoint will create a motivation plan to support their success.