“SyFy Siren” special effects makeup by Libertyville student, Aryanna Burke

Tricoci University recent Libertyville graduate, Aryanna Burke, creates a scaley science fiction makeup look with her own homemade scales.

The Interview

What gave you the inspiration for this look?

When Tricoci University contacted me about the video I went to the Kryolan Store in Chicago seeking inspiration and immediately was fascinated with the iridescent purple and blue cream paints and wanted to create a look using that color scheme. Shortly after I started watching Glam&Gore’s mermaid video on Youtube and was fascinated with how she made the scale prosthetics and it really inspired me to create a look using similar prosthetics.

How did you create the scales for this look?

To create the scales I mixed:

  • 1 part gelatin (found at drug stores or grocery stores)
  • 1 part glycerin (found at drugs stores/ may have to order it online, I used Kryolan)
  • 1.5 parts of water

Then, mix them together and add a loose pigment for color, I broke my Urban Decay tonic shadow for it… But you don’t have to do that as I found iridescent shadows don’t really sit well. Eyeball the loose pigment being poured into the jelly, a little goes a long way, if you see the color you want in the wet jelly you’re good!

Lastly, you’ll microwave it for 15-second intervals in a microwave safe bowl, try to avoid it bubbling. It’s going to be extremely hot so be careful handling it. Lay out a wax paper sheet and take a medicine dropper and drop different size circles all over the sheet. You’ll need a LOT. I personally made some with color and without for more dimension.

What were all the brands that you used to complete this look?

I used mainly Kryolan, specifically cream paints (purple iridescent and blue iridescent), neon cream color wheel, spirit gum, latex, Artex, wax, NYX Perfect Pear mascara, Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette, Stila Magnificent Metals Pixie Dust and Violet.

Why did you decide to drop out of high school to go to cosmetology school?

I didn’t drop out, I took the express route. I knew since I was a child that I wanted to be a cosmetologist, so sitting in high school for another 2 years seemed like a waste. The kids would bully me for having different hair and makeup and tell me to kill myself simply for being different. Teachers wouldn’t sit and take the time to help explain materials I wasn’t understanding, so I decided the best bet would be to get my GED and pursue my passions rather than sitting in a classroom for another 2 useless years. Best decision of my life. All the people I went to high school with are still in school while I’m already pursuing a career!

What made you come to Tricoci University?

What made me want to attend Tricoci University was their good reputation and I’ve seen first hand the talent coming out of that school and it’s astonishing. I toured Empire Beauty School, talked to both Paul Mitchell and Aveda. None of them really stood out, Tricoci University seemed to be the best fit for me and it was!

Did you parents and friends support you going to TUBC?

>Most of my family and friends were supportive, however, a lot of people believed I was naive for wanting to chase my dreams and not attending college. Negativity just gives me more motivation to prove them wrong.

What was your best memory while you were at Tricoci University?

My best memory would either be racing with my best friend Summer to get our sign-offs done…. I’d always cheat by starting before her. Or on Halloween where everyone dressed up and I was a creepy zombie and when I went to Panera for lunch my look was so realistic that I made a lady throw up.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

My all time favorite teacher would be Mrs. Keya! She always took the time to help me and make sure I was doing the cuts or color the right way and always made sure my clients left with perfect hair. She was like a second Mom to me. I’d always run up and say “Hi, Mom” and if I didn’t, she’d come say “Hello, daughter”. Tricoci University is like a giant family and Mrs. Keya was the Mom to all of us.

What do you think was the best thing you learned at TUBC?

The best thing I learned at Tricoci was how to handle myself around clients and high authority. They really strive to have us show professionalism at all times. It helped me mature and a lot of clients would be shocked by my age. I was 16 at the time.

What happens next? What do you want to do with your life?

One thing Tricoci always taught us was that a “job” is short term and with this school you want to build a career. So my dream career would be a celebrity makeup artist, a platform artist, working on Fashion Week or fashion shows in general, or all of the above.

Eventually, I want to establish my own product line that people of all colors can wear, I’m tired of brands not carrying colors for the beautiful deep ebony skin tones or beautiful snow white skin tones. I want to be able to provide a product line suitable for everyone. I’m also in the process of trying to create a serum/treatment for hair that stimulates hair growth.

I guess you could say I have exceedingly high dreams/goals, but I’m determined to make it happen.

Contact Aryanna

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 224.704.4252
Instagram: @Aryb_artistry