Discover a New Career Path With a High-Quality Barber College in Chicago, Illinois

Technical precision and thoughtfulness are key to becoming part of the Chicago beauty community, and nowhere is that more evident than in barbering. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is proud to offer the highest-quality barber program in Chicago. Here’s everything you need to know about the Tricoci University barber college in Chicago NE.

Careers in Barbering

When people go to college, they often do it to prepare for a future career. If this is the case for you, you’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of careers a barber can look forward to. With your education, creativity, and skills, you’ll be ready to take on many different careers.

What can you do when you graduate from a barber program? Here are a few of the careers to look forward to as a barber:

  • Barber
  • Barbershop Manager
  • Barbershop Owner
  • Master Barber
  • Men’s Stylist
  • TV Stylist

These careers may look similar, but in fact, they all have a fine touch to them that significantly impacts what you do. If you’re wondering about the intricacies of these careers or you want to learn more about what you’ll learn at Tricoci University, talk to a Tricoci University team member to get more information.

A Flexible Schedule With Options for Each Student

Flexibility is a must in many careers, and nowhere is that more obvious than with beauty professionals. As a beauty professional, even one associated with a salon or agency, you’re going to need to work your schedule around your clients. Tricoci University helps you get a head start with that.

At Tricoci University, you can create a schedule that works for you. Because the university uses high-tech, next-generation teaching structures, you don’t have to worry as much about making sure you clear your schedule for your classes. You can talk to your teachers about constructing a schedule for your life.

Tricoci University’s Chicago NE campus offers a 1500-hour part-time barber program that takes 20 months to complete. If you’ve already completed an accredited cosmetology program, talk to a Tricoci University team member about the “Fast Track” Barber Program, a faster and less expensive option that requires only 500 hours of training.

Equal Access With Financial Aid Opportunities

Is your financial position one of the reasons you’re worried about attending Tricoci University? Good news: Tricoci University offers a variety of financial aid options to make attending barber school a little less worrying.

Because Tricoci University is accredited by NACCAS, you can utilize federal financial aid when you apply for the barber college in Chicago. Fill out your federal financial aid forms to see how much you qualify for.

Even if you don’t qualify for federal financial aid, you can still find grants that allow you to complete barber school. Tricoci University offers a variety of barber school scholarships, which can gift you money to complete your barber program and certification.

It’s also possible for you to take advantage of Tricoci University’s interest-free monthly payment plan. The university divides any remaining tuition fees into equal monthly payments spread out across your entire enrollment. You don’t pay interest, and you pay in smaller, easier-to-manage intervals.

Overall, there are plenty of opportunities. Discuss your barber school financial aid options with a Tricoci University team member today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Barber School

  • Q: Is barbering a solid career choice?

Barbering is a great career choice because it’s non-automatable and has a lot of applications. With the education you receive from a Tricoci University barber program, you can maintain your barbering career for the rest of your working life.

  • Q: How expensive is a barber college in Chicago?

Barbering programs in general cost different amounts depending on your location, financial aid and living costs. For a more accurate cost estimate, consult Tricoci University’s Chicago NE barber program price calculator.

  • Q: When can I start the Tricoci University barber program?

Instead of having to wait for a fall or spring semester starting point, Tricoci University offers classes that start every six weeks. Talk to a team member today to learn more about the next starting point for your barbering education.

Create Your Future As a Barber in Chicago

The Chicago beauty community is made up of a number of incredible people who have had a significant impact on the beauty world. You can become part of that community through a barber program.

Upgrade your career options with a barber college in Chicago that lets you pave your own way. A Tricoci University team member can help guide you through the admissions process today.