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America’s Beauty Show Recap

May 2nd, 2013

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Guest post by Jana Mitchell, TUBC Student at our Chicago NE Campus.

The America’s Beauty Show was such a wonderful experience this year. I was happy to have a year of cosmetology under my belt when attending this year. I had much more appreciation for the vendors, displays, techniques, products, tools and demonstrations.

I think for the next show I will go by myself or with a non-stylist. I don’t think that I gave myself enough time to look at all of the different vendors and demonstrations that I was interested in. There were a lot of different classes that you could take that you can get great deals on. That is something that I will also be interested in taking advantage of next year. I think once I am in the industry longer and find out what my true passion is in cosmetology, I will be able to pinpoint my greatest interests at the show and what will be worth attending.

There were many different techniques, new tools and products that made me a little bit overwhelmed. Spending 2 days at the show next year will give me a chance to evaluate everything and decide which new products and tools will be worth buying. I found myself getting stuff that would mostly benefit me and not my career as a stylist. It will be important for me to focus more on enhancing my career with the show then enhancing my own looks and needs.

It is fun to see the famous stylists and the way that they promote themselves at the show. I think that is the most exciting part. I had the most fun looking at the different extensions. I wish I would have invested in taking a class on the extensions that I was interested in. However, extensions are a big investment so I think taking a class next year will be a better time for me to start doing extensions. Overall, the show was wonderful and such an amazing experience. I cannot wait to attend next year when I have another year as a stylist under my belt.

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