Tricoci students at St. Baldrick's

Making The Cut for St. Baldrick’s

May 1st, 2013

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Guest post by Adriana Vega, TUBC Student at our Harlem Campus

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to participate in St. Baldrick’s. A fundraising event held every year in which people donate money to get their heads shaved for kids with cancer. I knew going in it was going to be a pretty emotional event. But as the day unfolded it turned out to be more than I expect. My day started off fairly slow. I came into the event with my mother as my buddy; we ate some food hung out with my classmates. And I shaved a few heads. It was pretty slow for a view hours, each student there which was at least 20 got to shave at least one head until around 2pm and that’s when things changed for the better.

A huge rush of people came in and me and my mother were astounded at the numbers. Out of a groups of men, my very brave mother became the first woman to shave her head. I was lucky enough to be allowed to do it. It started off as a Mohawk but then progressed into a fully shaved head. She didn’t have much hair to begin with so it wasn’t that bad, but the task took and emotional toll on her. The son of one of her lifelong friends was diagnosed with cancer, a young eight year old boy. This was more than just a donation it had meaning. I watched as some tears dripped down her face. Once all her locks have fallen to the ground the room of people stood up and gave her a big round of applause. Here I thought she’d be the only female, but I was proven wrong, twice. A young girl came in, with hair down to her butt. She said she was going to cut off her beautiful ponytails which she was growing for two years, specifically to donate to Locks of Love, ever since she saw her hero, her father, do the same.

Lastly, another young girl came in, with about chin length hair. She bravely cut all her hair off, shaved it, just as my mother had done. I know women are very particular about their hair. There is a standard on how they should look according to society. But these women, two young women and my mother, bravely decided to ignore society and listen to the cause. Valiant efforts to stomp out cancer once and for all. I wish I could have donated my hair to the cause, but we were so busy no students had the time, but I had a great time and my spirits were lifted witnessing such an outcome, for an amazing cause. Even more seeing those beauty brave, short hair and bald headed ladies, ignoring society and doing what is right.

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