Unconventional Career Options to Consider After Cosmetology School

September 3rd, 2020

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Many people wonder how their education will help prepare them for life after school. When you choose a career in Cosmetology, you have a variety of career options available to you. Cosmetology school provides experience in all aspects of the beauty industry:  Because Cosmetology is a trade, it lends itself to a variety of different career paths. There are many career options you can choose after you graduate. Here are just a few non-traditional paths students have chosen:


Styling hair isn’t just as easy as knowing how to put up a bun. Hairstylists train to help clients with a wide variety of hairstyles, from seemingly effortless beachy waves to ultra-complicated braids and plaits. Most people in cosmetology get a significant amount of hairstyling training, which is exactly what makes it such a good jumping-off point for people who want to be a hairstylist as a full-time career.


The process of coloring hair has its own pitfalls and worries. How often have you had one of your friends try a boxed hair dye, only to end up with a result that wasn’t what you were interested in? Proper hair coloring requires an understanding of many different fields, including cosmetology, hair care, color theory, and even chemistry. Renowned colorists have worked with hair color for years and use that knowledge to get exactly the right color.


Facials are one of the most popular spa treatments. A facial often has multiple steps, during which your facial skin will go through exfoliation, moisturization and often treatments to help with oil or dead skin buildup. This is exactly why they can be so difficult to administer properly. A dedicated facialist typically has a background in ingredients and modalities used in facial treatments, which they can use to discern exactly the right facial for your needs.

Waxing Stylist

Waxing definitely isn’t easy. A good waxing stylist can ensure you get the best experience, ideally with as little pain as possible, and can mold your body hair into the right shape. Waxing stylists need to be knowledgeable in the body’s anatomy, hair growth, application of wax and removal. All this knowledge ensures the process doesn’t cause lasting damage. A background in Cosmetology or (A)Esthetics can often kick-start your journey toward becoming a waxing stylist.


If you have a knack for helping people learn, you may want to consider instructing as a permanent career choice. Instructors and Teachers most commonly start with a license. Educators in the field of beauty do not always have to be licensed, however in a school setting the state’s licensing board may require an instructor license as well. With a mix of the instructor training and your experience in the Cosmetology field, you can help people on their journey toward Cosmetology.

Traveling Cosmetologist

A traveling cosmetologist often starts like any other type of cosmetologist. However, over time, you may realize you really enjoy working for many different types of people. That may lead you to become a traveling cosmetologist, whether for photoshoots, for movies, or even just for people who love your work. Traveling cosmetologists get to travel around the world, making it a great career option for adventurous types.

Special Effects Expert

Special Effects (SFX) makeup is a particularly challenging but rewarding course for cosmetology students. If you’ve ever watched a horror movie and wondered how they made such realistic-looking wounds and cuts, the answer is that of a talented SFX artist. SFX artists work very hard to make it look so real and effortless.. If you’re interested in SFX makeup, Cosmetology school is a great starting point because you’ll learn the basics of working with makeup.

Bridal Makeup Expert

A bridal makeup expert knows specifically how to make brides look incredible for their big day. If you’re interested in working as a bridal makeup expert, you’re going to want to get a lot of practice. It’s common for bridal makeup experts to charge more for their services than many other makeup experts because of the specificity for their work.

Salon Owner

If you’re more of an entrepreneur, you may want to consider becoming a salon owner. To become a salon owner, you’ll likely start by working in a salon, then eventually move on to the ownership process. This is a great career path progression. If you want to own your own salon, you will need strong business and management skills..

Brand Advisor

Who do you think manages the look and feel of brands when they do a photoshoot or create a commercial? Brand advisors need to make sure their models all look top-notch and “feel like” part of the brand. If you use your Cosmetology skills to become an advisor to these brands, you can help steer brands toward a better marketing campaign.

Personal Advisor

Companies aren’t the only groups that need to keep an eye on how they appear to the outside world. Individuals may have their own “personal brands” they need to think about as well. In recent years, the concept of a “personal advisor” has really taken off, with many CEOs and influencers consulting personal advisors to get insight on their fashion and makeup choices. You can use a cosmetology education to do that.

Makeup Guru

The purpose of a makeup guru is to give advice and information about makeup. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want a makeup guru to possess as much knowledge as possible. There are some makeup gurus out there who never went through Cosmetology school; however, they’re more likely to give information that works for them, but not for other people. As a cosmetology student, you can make sure your advice is more universal.

Catwalk Assistant

Models need different types of makeup than everyday individuals. You’re not going to apply the same makeup to a model as you would to yourself, even if you’re going out for a night on the town. A catwalk assistant not only helps apply the makeup on the models but also to touch up the makeup throughout the night and makes sure it constantly looks great.

Makeup Company Owner

If you’ve realized how much you love makeup through Cosmetology school, once you gain enough experience, you may want to consider eventually founding your own makeup company. A Cosmetology education helps you understand the components of good cosmetics, which is of utmost importance when creating products for a makeup line. Paired with the business fundamentals you will gain during your Cosmetology education at Tricoci University, you will have the foundational skills needed to find a niche in the market and potentially build your own beauty brand.


Career options after cosmetology school are nearly endless. You just need to take the plunge. If these potential career options have interested you, it’s a good idea to consider the Cosmetology program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. With this Cosmetology program, you can take hold of your own future, no matter what that might entail. If you are interested in more information about the program syllabus, class schedules, and future start dates, please click here to be connected to one of our admissions counselors.

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