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“Hit or Miss” From the Expert’s Chair

June 22nd, 2011

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By Jen McGann

When clients step into a salon and request a certain look, it’s often a style inspired by movie star or musician. Tricoci University students learn the fundamentals of esthetics and cosmetology in the classroom – but trends change by the year, the season, the month…sometimes it seems by the day!

In my eyes, celebrities are a great resource for trends. They have experts helping them out 24/7 to look their best for the cameras and fans. Some stars get it right day after day – no matter the trends in hair and makeup. Others….not so much.

Below are my personal “hits and misses” for 2011 celebrity trends – let me know what you think!


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is always a hit. To start, she was blessed with beautiful skin, but she always keeps it fresh and simple highlighting her natural features. She tends to use just the essentials: mascara, blush and gloss, and she rocks it every time!  She also has this philosophy with her hair; we always see her with loose, flowing waves or light braids and pinned back.  I just love her bohemian look!


Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is always a hit as well.  When she’s out and about, she’s natural, feminine and real. When she’s dressed up on the red carpet, she’s classic, sleek and always well put together.


Britney Spears

What to say (other than “a miss”). She tries – and we’re happy for her career turnaround! But seriously: who does her extensions?!  The bonds (clips holding extensions) are always visible and there’s no blending with her natural hair.  I understand she’s “earthy” sometimes, but c’mon, cut-off  shorts, tiny tees, bare feet, bad extensions, visible roots and black liner? I really want to be on your side, Brit – hire a new stylist!


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Poor girls.  They are super cute and we can never see it!  So many times I see the efforts of “bohemian,”  turn out looking more like a “bag lady.” Don’t get me wrong, they sometimes hit, but unfortunately, it’s many more (messy) misses for me.

Let me know who yours are!

Hit or Miss? From the Expert’s Chair: Jen McGann’s Take on Celebrity Style!

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