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June 23rd, 2011

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By Laura Prerost, Tricoci University in Naperville

This month, one of the top stylists at ZANO Salon and Spa came to Tricoci University’s Naperville campus with his assistant to give a demonstration on two haircuts. The two special guests talked to us about their experiences in the industry and about their work at ZANO.

The first demo they did was a “long layer” cut on one of my classmates, Georgia. Lawrence, the ZANO stylist uses a dry-cutting technique, which makes it easier to see the hair lines while you work. The one thing you must do when you dry cut, according to Lawrence, is flat iron the hair pin straight to see defined lines and determine where each layer is going to fall. On Georgia, he also demonstrated how to “condense cutting,” by cutting more hair in less time! I was next in the stylist chair, and Lawrence used shears and clipped to achieve a tapered look on the back of my head, and “condense cut” and reshape the rest. I love it!

Lawrence went on to tell us about the training program and the benefits of working at ZANO Salon and Spa. The length of the training program based on how fast you pace yourself, so you can be in the training program for six months… or two years. This works well for some students who need more time to practice, are studying part-time, or need to take breaks between courses.

It was great having Lawrence and Christina share new techniques with us, as well as what great experiences they’ve had at ZANO! Sad I will be graduating in a few weeks – I’d love to see them again!

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