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TU for the Troops: Mission Accomplished

June 20th, 2011

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“You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.” 

A phrase ringing true when you think about living a day without shampoo and soap – and finding yourself seeking…a flea collar. These conditions are unappealing – and certainly not what U.S. troops should face overseas and far from home!

Enter students at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, Rockford, who took matters into their own hands by launching “TU for the Troops.”  Rockford students, some who have loved ones in the military, organized a campus program to make sure our troops have the important things, like toiletries, that they need.

TU for the Troops ignited a sense of pride and passion among Rockford’s 116 students, who competed in teams to bring in the most items to send overseas.  Advertised throughout the halls of TUBC, everything from flea collars to pillow cases, baby wipes to deodorant were on the troops’ “wish-lists.”

Not surprising, support was overwhelming! TUBC shipped over 200 pounds of items to nine different local area troop members.

This goes to show you that Tricoci students do so much more than hair, nails and facials: they play a part in ensuring our troops are kept healthy!

Thank you, Tricoci University Rockford, for your hard work and taking the Tricoci values from the classroom to the community!

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