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December 18th, 2012

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Haley Skora from DeKalb Illinois has been offered an amazing opportunity to attend the James Ryder makeup boot camp in Los Angeles, California! Her impressive skills caught James’s eye during the makeup lab held early this October in Chicago.

The entirety of this trip will cost $4,000.  As a company, Tricoci University of Rockford has decided to help out Haley by raising money in many different ways. For example, we offer jeans week ($3 dollars a day or $12 a week), food Fridays’ $3 to $5 dollars. Haley also sold Butter Braids with the help of many classmates and teachers. She also hosted a Scentsy party last weekend. In addition to all these fundraisers, we have also had many generous donations. We have raised $1,700 dollars so far.

The money being raised will go towards boot camp fee, round-trip airfare, hotel, transportation, food and hopefully a brush kit from James Ryder.  The boot camp alone is $2,500 dollars, so this trip is not cheap but well worth it!  This opportunity is something Haley is set on and has given her more motivation than ever to put forth her best effort and to never give up at what she loves most, which is doing makeup.  This boot camp will open many doors for Haley in her pursuit of becoming a well-known makeup artist across the nation.

At the boot camp, Haley and 5 other girls will be creating 5 different looks and shooting a mock movie.  The looks include slick fashion/glamour, forties, and fifties pinup styles, grotesque/blood work, gothic Victorian/horror, and couture fashion.  This will create a very diverse portfolio.

Haley Skora and Tricoci University need your help getting her to her goal of $ 4,000 dollars.  This means the world to Haley and any help would be greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions on how to help Haley please call the campus at (815) 316-4800 or visit Haley’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/GetHaleySkoratoLA.  Thank you for all the help and we hope to see our Haley shoot for the Stars!

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