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Creating Hair Art, Welcome to Barber School

April 7th, 2016

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hair design from tricoci barber school

One of the most highly anticipated and obsession-inducing parts of barber school is hair art.

The best advice for creating any type of hair art, hair designs, hair graphics, or whatever you want to call it – is to be methodical and lay out a plan to help you achieve the desired end result. First, section carefully, keeping all other hair out of the way while using your clippers. For an undercut, a section of hair is shaved from the nape. This section can be just a few inches wide or can reach above the ears leaving only the hair on the top. For a sidecut, only a patch of hair above the ear (either ear) is shaved. Don’t forget, an undercut can accentuate the angles of your guests face so take their face shape into account when deciding how to proceed. This trending haircut provides versatility for your guest, allowing them to have several very different looks with the addition of graphics or designs.

“What sparked our interest in adding the Barber Program to Tricoci University was the number of barbershop owners approaching us about training the next generation of barbers,” says Mario Tricoci, legendary stylist and founder of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. “Barbershop owners have made it known that it is getting more and more difficult to find professional talent. Anyone can cut hair, but professionals are hard to come by.”

Tricoci University’s Barber School curriculum includes the following:

  • Initial Classroom “Essentials” Training; classroom instruction covering general theory and practical application on a range of barbering skills.
  • Hair Styling/Hair Art; including hands-on instruction that teaches the core “Tricoci Cuts” and a broad variety of styling techniques.
  • Practical Chemical Application/Hair Treatment; hands-on instruction addressing all aspects of coloring (and other chemical applications) for men’s hair and facial hair.
  • Shop Management; in addition to sanitation and interpersonal relations.
  • Shaving; covering the art of and techniques for shaving men’s hair and facial hair.
  • Men’s Skin Care; the basics of skin care for men which focuses on face, neck and scalp.
  • Sports Manicures; the basics of nail technology theory and application for men’s manicures.

Already a Cos Grad? TUBC also offers a “fast track” Barber Program option at the Chicago NW campus for those that have already graduated from an accredited cosmetology program. Upon completing 500 clock hours of barbering school at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, graduates of our program will be eligible to take the Illinois State Boards to obtain a barber license.

Note: Net Tuition for the “Fast Track” option will be significantly less than the full-length program. Financial aid is available for those that qualify. Please contact the Chicago NW campus for more details and eligibility requirements.

Check out this insane hair art and undercut design on Esthetics Master Educator, Crystal Baldazo by Ms. Dee, Barber Teacher at Tricoci University’s Chicago NW campus.

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