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Is Cosmetology School Difficult to Get Through?

February 5th, 2020

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Whenever you’re considering going to college for any type of learning, you’ll probably wonder at some point how difficult it’ll be. Cosmetology is a great example of that. Many people ask, “Is cosmetology school difficult?” because they want to know it’ll be a good fit for them. If that’s a question you’ve been wondering, there are a few important things to note.

The Difficulty of a Trade School

Cosmetology schools teach you a trade. As with other trades, such as electricians, plumbers and welders, you’re providing a valuable service to people who don’t have the knowledge necessary to perform that service. It’s similar to other trade schools: if you don’t have a vested interest in the trade you’re learning, you’re less likely to do well.

In general, the difficulty of beauty school has a lot to do with how much you want to pursue cosmetology as a career. If you’re more driven toward cosmetology, you’ll put more work into beauty school, which will make it easier to finish. Make sure this is something you’re passionate about — it’ll make beauty school much easier.

Understanding How You Learn

Another important facet of making beauty school easier is understanding how you learn specifically. Different people learn in different ways: you may learn best with hands-on training, through listening to lectures, through reading or a combination of the three. It’s important that you understand how you learn best, or beauty school will be much more difficult for you.

This difference in learning is one reason that Tricoci University of Beauty Culture supports your education in various ways. You’ll learn through videos, demonstrations, guest artists, visual and practical presentations, lectures and hands-on experience. That way, you have the best chance of learning the skills you need to practice cosmetology.

Passing Your Licensing Exam

This is the all-important moment, and it’s what cosmetology schools teach for. Even if you live in a state where licensure isn’t required, it’s an extremely important step if you want to get a good job and start your career off on the right foot. It’s potentially one of the most difficult parts of going through a trade school, including beauty school.

Although passing your licensing test is a difficult part of the process, it’s also the one that cosmetology schools prepare you for. A good cosmetology school should give you exams and practical experience that parallels the questions you’ll receive in your licensing test. A beauty school may even give you a practice test to more thoroughly prepare you.

Is Cosmetology a Good Career for You?

With all this information, is cosmetology a good career to pursue? If the potential difficulty of beauty school is the only thing holding you back, you should definitely pursue it. Your love of the craft will have a huge impact on whether or not cosmetology school is difficult. The more you have a drive to succeed in beauty school, the more you’ll be willing and able to learn the things that it teaches you.

Some parts of cosmetology school may be more difficult than others, and you’ll probably run into pieces of your education that trip you up. However, with strong, knowledgeable teachers like the ones at Tricoci University, you don’t have to struggle through that on your own. Whether you’re interested in general cosmetology, esthetics, nail tech or even something else, Tricoci University can guide you on your journey.


Cosmetologists perform a valuable service. After all, the general public doesn’t know how to do a blowout, create a bridal makeup look, or perform a manicure. Because you’re learning skills that don’t come naturally to the public, cosmetology school can definitely be difficult at times. Having a thoughtful guide like Tricoci University will help you through those rough patches and give you options that make it easier to get through your schooling.

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