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Janesville Academy of Cosmetology Is Now Tricoci University

December 13th, 2019

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You may know the Janesville-based beauty school, Academy of Cosmetology, because of its long community history of more than 10-years. In an exciting announcement, the school is about to enter a new phase as the Janesville campus of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

Students in the Janesville, Wisconsin area will now have access to the professional cosmetology curriculum that has helped students across the Midwest launch beauty careers.

Find out how the Janesville campus of Tricoci University is providing expanded access to top-notch beauty education.

What’s Changing for the Academy of Cosmetology?

As of September 2017, the Janesville Academy of Cosmetology is transitioning into Tricoci University. As a result, students in the Janesville area gain access to an exciting new opportunity.

With the advanced curriculum and leading-edge vision, the Tricoci University program provides the in-depth training that helps students succeed in the beauty industry. The professional curriculum was designed by Mario Tricoci to go beyond the basic requirements of licensing exams. Instead, it provides the framework to help students launch careers.

Cosmetology students can learn high-end beauty techniques, the latest style trends, theories of beauty, and the basics of business that includes marketing.

Plus, cosmetology students get experience working on guests in the on-site student-run salon. This means when you graduate, you’ll already have real-world experience!

Cosmetology School in Janesville, WI

The Janesville campus of Tricoci University is building upon the long history of the Academy of Cosmetology.

When you attend the Tricoci University Cosmetology Program in Janesville, you’ll learn the skills for a wide selection of beauty careers. You could become a hairstylist, nail technician, makeup artist, esthetician, salon owner or other beauty professional.

Beauty school classes include the essentials of hair cutting, styling, coloring, treatments and barbering. Students also learn basic skin care and makeup application, in addition to manicuring, nail services, sanitation practices and salon management.

The curriculum includes 1,550 hours of training that can be completed in just 13 months if you’re attending full time. For part-time students, it can take only 22 months to graduate.

Getting Started with Cosmetology Training

Becoming a cosmetology school graduate is an important step to getting the career you want. The professional education at Tricoci University can help you get there.

At Tricoci University, cosmetology students have the choice to attend a full-time program or have the flexibility of a part-time program. Admissions requirements for the cosmetology program are simple. Applicants need to have a high school diploma or GED, and students need to be 16 years old by the first day of class.

Plus, Tricoci University’s federal accreditation means you’re eligible to apply for financial aid. You could qualify for federal grants and low-interest student loans, and also be eligible for beauty scholarships to attend cosmetology school.

Learn more about how Tricoci University – Janesville can help you launch your beauty career.

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