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October 21st, 2011

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By Samantha Hicks, Tricoci University at Chicago NE

It was an inspiring night at Tricoci University’s Chicago North East Campus, last Wednesday, October 12, 2011, for the school’s Masquerade Fashion Show. The show was organized by the General Manager, Miss Gigi and the campus’ student council. Six models walked the runway donning the fantastic work of eleven student stylists. The looks were of the stylist’s own creation and displayed a wide variety of themes. The astounding talent was sure to make things difficult for the judges.

Backstage was a mess of extensions, hair pieces, make-up, glitter and a massive cloud of hair spray. The stylists were given an hour and a half to take their looks from none to done. Each model came out to their own music and given a brief description by our lovely MC Miss Roz. The models made their way through the salon and crowd of students, faculty, friends and family. At the end of the runway sat our 3 judges, Miss Jill, Miss Katie and Miss Christine. When each model had completed their first walk and final walk, with the stylists, they were taken backstage. In the back room, the judges had the opportunity to further inspect all the creations and deliberate on who should be named the winner.

The Masquerade Fashion Show models were as follows; a “Black Widow Spider” with a webbed mask and red spiked hair, a “Mardi Gras” with incredible colorful make-up complete with a fan of hair and feathers, “Marie Antoinette” with a towering hair piece, floral, pearl and lace detail from the hair to the nails, a “Mermaid” with flowing long red hair finished with scales and seaweed, a “White Swan” with a crown of feathers and glittering curls, and a “Cupcake” with frosting curls, sugar make-up and accessories made of candy.Masquerade Fashion Show

As the judges deliberated, the salon was filled with chatter and excitement as the stylists and attendees anticipated the results. It was hard to predict a winner as all of the stylist had expertly executed their ideas and the true talent was made apparent. After some time had passed, the judges delivered their decision. It was an even tie! The White Swan and Marie Antoinette had won! Each winning stylist received a professional photo shoot as their prize.

It was a successful first show for the Chicago NE campus. After seeing what came out on the red carpet, I can’t wait for the next one!

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