Spooky Makeup Looks for Halloween

October 19th, 2020

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Now that it’s October, it’s time to start thinking about one of our favorite holidays: Halloween! Halloween is such a fun time of the year because it gives the opportunity to dress up in costumes, wear creative makeup looks and eat way too much candy. While Halloween celebrations might look a little different this year, we can still dress up and get a picture-perfect look for Instagram. Need some ideas for October 31? We’ve gathered some of our favorite Halloween makeup looks so you can show off your beauty skills this spooky season.

  1. A Glam Skeleton. Who says skeletons can’t be chic? While the look of a traditional skeleton might be a little boring, skeleton makeup can be super glamorous. Check out this look by one of our students at Tricoci University. The addition of sparkly gemstones and glitter around the eyes has made this Halloween makeup look both fashion-forward and spooky. Add your own twist on the look by using different colors and glitter to make your eyes pop. If applying gemstones, be sure to use cosmetically safe adhesives such as eyelash glue that can easily be removed.
  2. A Masquerade Queen. You can easily go out and buy a masquerade mask for your costume, but why not experiment with your makeup skills and create a mask out of makeup that is totally unique to you? This look might be a little tricky, but with the right tools it can be easy. We recommend starting with a makeup primer to create a smooth foundation for your look and to help keep your makeup looking fresh and fierce all night long. Use a damp, thin makeup brush with firm bristles to give you more precise lines and prevent smudging. Pair the brush with either a body paint or a gel liner pot that will allow you to smoothly apply. Let this dry and, if possible, use a setting spray to hold the look in place.
  3. A Snapchat Filter. One of our favorite parts of the popular application, Snapchat, is the fun filters you can use when taking photos. From hearts and stars, to rainbows and glitter, there’s new filters coming out everyday. Why not recreate one of these filters through makeup this Halloween? There’s a lot of different looks to choose from, but some of our favorites are the hearts  and pop art filters. Make these looks all your own by incorporating different colors or shapes. Be sure to style your hair as well: Use loose curls to create a soft look, perhaps for a heart or sparkly filter, or wrap your hair in buns on the top of your head to create ears for an animal filter.
  4. A chic clown. We know what you’re thinking: clowns are pretty creepy, but hear us out! Instead of dressing up as a scary clown, like one from a haunted house, why not use your skills to create a chic clown makeup look? Rather than using traditional white, black and red for face makeup, think of incorporating colors like purple and blue, that are still bold, but are a bit softer than the typical clown colors. Apply a full set of false eyelashes and rhinestones surrounding the outer corners of your eyes using cosmetically-safe lash adhesive to help your eyes pop among the bright makeup. If you want to take this look a step further, tease your hair and use temporary hair dye in a color like pink or blue to really stand out from the crowd.
  5. Your favorite character. Think about some of your favorite characters from a movie or book and picture how you can bring those characters to real life. Perhaps it’s a super hero from a comic book  or a princess from one of the classic Disney movies. Character looks can be as simple as adding a crown and lipstick to more intricate looks involving an entire face mask. Choosing a character as inspiration for a Halloween makeup look gives you lots of creative freedom to create a version of a character that’s all your own.

We love Halloween because it provides a chance to demonstrate our creativity and make over-the-top looks that we can’t wear everyday. There are so many options when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Let our suggestions inspire you to create a Halloween makeup look that’s all your own! If you’d like to see some more options, check out the Tricoci University Instagram Page, where we showcase lots of everyday and Halloween-potential looks, created by our very own students and faculty.

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