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The Best Teacher I’ve Ever Had

April 17th, 2014

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This is a guest post by Shelby Aurand, a student at our Indianapolis campus.

At Tricoci University, I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by an excellent mix of educators. They’re all not only talented but extremely helpful. Since the first day I’ve been here I knew I could go to any teacher with a question about our curriculum and I’d walk away confident with the response. One teacher in particular has made a huge impact on my education here.

Ms. Semou is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She’s already a fantastic stylist but also is an amazing teacher. I know it’ll take years and years of practice to become as skillful as she is in every aspect of cosmetology, but I aspire to be as talented as she is. She’s definitely a natural born teacher though. Any question or advice I need, I know I can go to her. She’s patient and kind with any help I come to her for. I appreciate that she not only is always willing to help, but makes me feel so proud of myself when I perfect something I’ve been struggling with. She makes sure to let all of us know what a good job we’re doing.

At the beginning of the program, I struggled with remembering all the protocols for each and every hair cut we learned. She saw that and started helping me immediately. She made sure to walk me through them so I understood what each step is and why we do it. She encouraged me every day to practice them until I finally became confident with all the cuts. I went from being terrified of doing a hair on my own, to rocking all my hair cuts with confidence and enjoyment.

I believe a great teacher needs to possess the qualities that she does. They need to be talented and have an overall understanding in the subject they teach. They need to be patient with their students but push them to excel. They need to praise their students for accomplishing the things they struggled with. Ms. Semou has given me the knowledge, talent, and confidence I need to become a successful stylist once I graduate.

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