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The Most Important Things to Consider Before Entering Cosmetology School

January 20th, 2021


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Cosmetology school is something that can pay off extremely well. Cosmetology is an essential trade that everyday people can’t do themselves. That means attending cosmetology school is a valid option to set yourself up for a career. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is suited to cosmetology. Before you sign up for cosmetology school, you need to consider these important things.

General Prerequisites

There are some prerequisites that are very generalized. No matter where you go, most cosmetology schools will require certain things. For example, just about every cosmetology school requires that you be 18 by the day classes start. Some cosmetology schools start younger, but the youngest a school will typically go is 16.

Additionally, you’ll usually need a high school diploma or GED. Some schools will offer GED assistance if you want to attend cosmetology school but don’t have your GED. However, either way, you’re going to need to present evidence that you have a high-school-level education, as cosmetology school will build on those high school concepts.

Specific Prerequisites

Depending on the school you’re hoping to attend, there may also be specific prerequisites you need to fulfill. For example, some cosmetology schools, especially more prestigious schools, might require a referral from a cosmetologist in the area. You might also need prior education to attend these schools.

Some schools don’t have these as prerequisites, but they only accept a certain number of students, which may be lower than the number of students that apply every year. In this case, these add-ons, like referrals, prior experience, and extracurricular education, will boost your chances of the school accepting you. Do research on the school to learn more about whether they want you to have extra education or experience.

Physical Ability

While cosmetology may not strike you as an especially physical trade, there is a variety of physical elements to cosmetology. No matter what specialization you end up with in cosmetology, you’re typically going to have to be on your feet for most of the day. That means you need a lot of endurance to be able to stand all day.

You should also make sure you have enough dexterity for whatever specialization you’re hoping to move into. For example, a hair braider is going to need significantly more dexterity over a long period of time than a colorist. Think about what you hope to specialize in, then think through how you’re going to use your physical ability over days and weeks of being in that specialty.

Your Mindset

Every person will have a unique mindset moving into every trade. You need to make sure that mindset is correct before you start working on the education you need to work in your trade. There are many reasons you might end up loving a trade, but a certain amount of love for it at the beginning of your education can go a long way in ensuring that you put in the work necessary.

You want to love cosmetology before you start learning about it. Sure, you’ll start to love it even more as you work hard and learn more over the next months, but your passion will have a direct impact on your ability to learn. Caring about cosmetology from the very beginning will allow you to put your heart and soul into it.


People go into cosmetology school for all sorts of reasons. There’s no such thing as a bad reason to go into a specific trade. If you’re interested in becoming a cosmetologist, a high-quality cosmetology school can help you achieve your goals. With the cosmetology program from Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, you can get a quality education in cosmetology as quickly as possible.

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