Tips and Tricks You’ll Learn in Hair Salon School

The Most Impressive Tips and Tricks That Hair Salon School Can Teach You

May 20th, 2020

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When you’re considering whether or not to go to hair salon school, you might consider what a hair salon school will actually teach you. Will you learn anything important in hair salon school? Is it important to go to hair salon school, or can you just use the internet to find all this information yourself? When you go to hair school, you’ll learn a lot. These are just a few of the tips and tricks you’ll learn at hair salon school.

Using a Client’s Features to Determine a Great Hair Style

There’s no one perfect hairstyle that will make every person look amazing. The exact same hairstyle could look incredible on one person, but look awkward on another. One of the reasons for this is because different people have different features, and you need to be able to identify those features and use them to determine the right hairstyle. That can even mean taking a hairstyle someone wants you to recreate and adapting it to a client’s features for maximum impact.

Understanding Color Theory

At its base, color theory refers to the way in which different colors work with one other. However, it’s more than that; color theory also has to do with overtones, undertones and shades. If you have a client with a warm skin undertone, you may want to match that client with a hair color that has a warm undertone, as a hair color with a cool undertone can look unnatural and awkward. Understanding color theory can help you craft the right look.

The Right Way to Cut Different Types of Hair

Cutting hair is a big deal. When you cut someone’s hair, you’re changing it for at least multiple months. Depending on the amount you cut, you may be changing the person’s hairstyle for years. The thing is, different types of hair, different cuts and different styles all require different types of cutting. There’s no one way of cutting hair. It’s an art form, and hair salon school will teach you that art form.

Identifying a Hair Type and Treating It Properly

There are a number of different hair types out there. Your hair type has to do with how thick, coarse and curly your hair is. Depending on how you rank for each of those factors, your hair will be a different hair type. Obviously, someone with extremely curly but thin hair will need drastically different hair treatment than someone with very thick and very straight hair. Hair salon school will teach you how to identify a person’s hair type, then how to treat it in different ways.

How to Use Professional Tools

The only way you can become good at using tools is to use them over and over again. It’s likely that you won’t be able to afford extremely high-end professional tools when you’re first getting started, so your best chance at learning how to use these tools is through hair salon school. When you go to hair salon school, you’ll get more education about using these professional tools, including the hands-on experience you really need to master the technique.


Clearly, hair salon school isn’t just an option for people who want to become hairstylists. It’s an incredibly important part of becoming a professional. As a hairstylist, you’ll change a person’s style for many weeks. It’s important that you commit that to heart — if you make a serious mistake, the person whose hair you’re cutting will feel that mistake.

When you go to hair salon school, you’ll get these tips and tricks and many more. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture allows you to watch experts work, practice on mannequins, and even practice on real people through the clinical salons. With the Tricoci University cosmetology program, you’ll get a full and complete education about hair.

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