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The Razor Cut

January 17th, 2013

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Guest blog post from student Andrew Bellini documenting a visit from Jill Marcordes at the Glendale Heights Campus.

A perfect example of how Tricoci University is always teaching and showing their students the newest and modern styles of hair sculpting is with the guest speakers and demonstrations that we have. Just like when Ms. Jill came into our campus (Glendale) to show us a razor cut. She chose a volunteer student for the hair demonstration. Ms. Jill talked to us about how to talk to clients that are open to new things, and how to explain what we should recommend to them. She went over asking important questions like, maintenance, styling, and upkeep.

Since a lot of us students tend to freeze up when a client says “do what you think would look good, I’m open to new things and changes.” After giving us some pointers, she started to talk to her model about what she was gonna do. She decided on a razor cut with a more edgy type of hair style. She started with the baseline, showing us how to hold the razor and the pressure/ tension on the hair. She did the baseline with a razor to make it look more piecey, she took about 3-4 inches.

After that, she went into a long layer hair cut. Ms. Jill put more layers around the crown to create more volume and to create more of a current scene hair style. That way it gives the look more edge and more of a piecey look. The student, Sam, wears a side swept maintenance fringe, so she went in and made the fringe a bit shorter and more of an angle. After that was done, she explained the different products that she wanted to use while blow-drying and styling. Ms. Jill then started to texturize with the razor. Showing us a different way of blending the top layers to the side, by cutting a “V”. Then going in and blending and putting the finishing touches on the hair style.

Overall, we all learned more about recommending a hair style, more ways of doing a razor hair style, and some really different ways of texturizing. The finished look was amazing, I’d seen the hair style before and had always wondered how to cut, and style it. All of the students loved seeing the different techniques that she used. Plus the different texturizing techniques. It’s always nice to learn something new and see it done, plus to see a hairstyle that we don’t normally see done on our clinic floor. Tricoci University really takes care of their students, making sure that they can witness and take part in working with different hair styles. We really appreciate it, and enjoyed meeting Ms. Jill.

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