Hat hair struggles

Tips to Avoid Winter Hair Struggles

December 2nd, 2020

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hat hair styles

As the weather continues to get colder as we get closer to the winter months, we start to see changes with our skin and hair. You might feel the need to switch formulas of your favorite products in order to combat these changes. One of our favorite looks to cozy up for the cold weather months is the addition of a knit hat. Both stylish and functional, beanies are a winter staple. What isn’t a winter staple, however, is the hat hair and static that often comes with a knitted hat. Whether you’re bundling up to head outside, or cozying up inside, we’ve gathered our best tips to avoid the winter hat hair blues.

To Avoid Static Cling:

Hat hair struggles

  1. Add in a moisturizing shampoo to your routine. As we’ve mentioned before in a previous post, when the weather shifts in colder months, the air often becomes dryer and there is less humidity to provide moisture to your hair and skin. Static occurs when objects are rubbing against each other and create an opposing charge. During the summer months, when there is more moisture in the air, the electric charge created by friction is often canceled out by the hot air’s ability to hold more water molecules. However, in the dryer months, hair can stand on end. By adding in a moisturizing shampoo, you are replacing the lack of moisture in the air by introducing it to your beauty routine. A moisturizing shampoo will keep those fly-aways at bay.
  2. Use a leave-in conditioning treatment. As we mentioned, winter air contains much less moisture than that of summer months. Moisture helps prevent the electric charge that ultimately creates static that causes hair to stand on end. This means we want to keep hair moisturized to make up for the dryness. By adding in a leave-in conditioning treatment, typically in the form of a spray or cream formula, hair remains conditioned and hydrated allowing less possibility of static.
  3. Switch up your brush. As you may already know, different types of brushes help contribute to shine and hair strength. Believe it or not, the type of bristles or teeth on your comb can also contribute to hair static. Using a comb or brush that is made of plastic often can be a cause of static electricity. For static-free hair, consider using a brush with softer boar-bristles. If you typically use a comb, try one that is made of wood. An additional benefit? These styles of brushes are typically more gentle, especially on wet hair.

To Avoid Hat hair:

Treating hair for hat styles

  1. Be sure to completely dry hair before putting on a hat. When wearing a hat, your hair is weighed down by fabric and pressed to your head firmly. If you leave the house with wet hair under a hat, your hair will start to dry under the hat, taking on the shape of the hat, which will leave hair looking flat and pressed down. To avoid the hat-head look, be sure to dry hair completely. Additionally, be sure to use a heat protectant to maintain moisture in your hair and prevent the static that is often caused by wearing a hat.
  2. Keep product and tools on hand. Despite having dry hair, it’s hard to completely eliminate the effect of hats weighing down your locks. If you’re out and about in a beanie this winter, consider keeping a travel size volumizing styling spray in your bag. Apply the spray to the roots of your hair to help provide lift and combat the effects of a hat pressing down your hair. As an alternative, you could keep a fine toothed comb on hand and lightly tease small sections of hair around the crown of your head. These two options will help restore volume and give you an effortlessly tousled look.
  3. Part your hair differently. Believe it or not, parting your hair in a different way can help you preserve volume underneath a hat especially If you part your hair typically off-centered. If you part your hair to the right or left, part it on the opposite side prior to putting on a beanie. When you are done with your hat, remove your hat and part your hair back to your normal style. The change in your part and the “flip” to the opposing side will provide a bit of lift to hair.

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